How Fundbox Uses AI and Humans to Deliver a Great Customer Experience

[32:18] A great customer experience is at the heart of customer loyalty and support – and we all want OUR customers to have that “Wow!” experience. As technology improves there are more and more ways to deliver experiences customers remember and tell others about… even in industries as long-standing and conservative as lending. Bernie’s guest on this episode of Social Business Engine is Basile Senesi, head of sales and support at Fundbox.

As you listen, you’ll hear how Fundbox has taken an innovative approach to providing a solution to a long-standing need in most businesses – access to credit. They do it with both data automation AND the human touch. It’s a winning combination and you’ll hear all the details from Basile on this episode.

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This episode is sponsored by Conversica, AI software for marketing and sales that fosters real conversations to discover the most qualified sales opportunities. Learn more at

Outline of This Episode
[1:51] Small business funding: Fundbox does it in a unique way
[2:43] The innovative way Fundbox has approached the lending industry for small business
[7:16] Leveraging AI to give Fundbox a competitive edge
[13:35] Using the AI available to fuel marketing and product design
[20:30] Lessons learned from using AI for marketing and workflow enhancement
[23:20] Bernie’s summary of this episode
[27:24] AI is here to stay, so use it as a tool to enhance what you do best

Resources & People Mentioned

Gusto – online HR services
Quickbooks – accounting software
Freshbooks – accounting software
Eventbrite – event management platform
Conversica – AI Platform
Cortera – Business Credit Reports
Wells Fargo
Pardot – Marketing Automation
Sales Navigator – Sales Software
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