How Does Canceling a Card Affect Your Credit Score?

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What happens to your credit score when you close an account?
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how to get rid of something on your credit report

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37 Responses

  1. SHANTEL DIGGS says:

    Hey, I opened a Victoria’s Secret credit card & I went from a 710 to a 662. I only had two lines of credit prior to opening that third line, which were my student loans & a discover credit card. My credit history was averaged at a little over 8 years between the two. If I close the new account will my length of credit go back up to 8 years & will my score score go back up? I got dropped 50+ points

  2. Airguns and air power says:

    2 months they never sent my card so i asked for my deposit back and they closed the account if i get a bad credit score I'll sue

  3. George Magana says:

    What IF it’s a NEW Card?

  4. Dr Betelgeuse says:

    I received a letter from the credit card issuer telling me to keep using my card or they’ll have to cancel it. I stopped using this card because it doesn’t offer me the benefits that I get from other cards. After the letter, I made a few transactions because the thought of having my credit card canceled by the issuer didn’t sit well with me. Should I cancel it on my own? There’s not a whole lot of transactions since I got the card.

  5. mobin santos says:

    Can cancelling inactivated credit card affects my credit score?

  6. Michael Misa says:

    I had my card for 9 months and I have a 750 credit score will it drop if cancel it?

  7. livefast3717 says:

    Is cancelling a charge card better than cancelling a regular card.
    Annual fee on my gold card and little use is a reason for me to charge my Amex gold card‼️

  8. Tim M. says:

    can i close my new Paypal Credit line? CC already <600 after bankruptcy, didn't use credit for a few years, but got into GPU hunting recently (lol). Low debt at the moment, only 1 line, 2 with Paypal if I don't close.

    haven't looked into how to rebuild credit yet, but now that i have better income, i can pay off debt more aggressively.

  9. QuietMonk says:

    im closing the chase preferred because i i applied for it 2 weeks ago with the 80k bonus intro, and today a 100k intro bonus came about. I have not received the card yet and they refuse to switch me to the 100k intro bonus. So can i just cancel it and reapply to gain the intro?

  10. Allen Gomez says:

    Amex canceled my card accidentally when using the mobile chat! That sucks.

  11. Michael Joseph says:

    What about a store card that you have no intention of shopping at again?

  12. Rich. M says:

    What about closing a business credit card?

  13. Stonks says:

    I got the Amex blue cash preferred and I’m definitely gonna apply for the gold card soon. Was either thinking about canceling my bcp or downgrading to the blue cash everyday but I know I won’t ever use it once I get the gold. Any suggestions?

  14. Robert Davidson says:

    Credit cards are never a good idea in general!

  15. Daniel Pichardo says:

    I get that you lose the life span of the credit card but do you lose all those on time payments as well?

  16. Maria Carino says:

    Cash is king!.

  17. Sureya Aslanova says:

    Hi , my friend open credit card yesterday and she didn't use it
    She want to cancel, close card. Is it possible to close it?

  18. Danielle Sullivan says:

    Hey, I would love your opinion on if I should close one of my credit card from credit one bank? I want to close my card of 2 years 100% payments on time and always paid in full never late only $450 limit. I have 7 cards so never really use this one plus it dose of a monthly fee of $10. What are your thoughts? Thank you

  19. jonathan Tube says:

    Hi, they are treating me that if i don't accept the anual fee due to amendment modification( my card used to be no anual fee) so they are going to cancel my account, I dont want to accept, will this affect credit score the same if they cancel my credit card than if I cancel it?? Thank you.

  20. Isabella Benjamin says:

    I appreciate and recommend #williamscyberunlock on ig, he’s a pro and offers reliable services

  21. Isabella Benjamin says:

    I appreciate and recommend #williamscyberunlock on ig, he’s a pro and offers reliable services

  22. Jay Guerrero says:

    I need help …. I have a 20 years old Cap One credit card with a 12,900 limit which I want to close and the reason is they refuse to lower my APR and I have a fee of 39.99 a year my credit score is 800 …. … I have 3 other CC with 12%-14% APR is this 23.99% affecting my score by being the highest on my record?

  23. Marcos Martinez says:

    What if the card is from Credit One? And the bank is terrible? And I only had it for six months?

  24. BreT96 says:

    What if i want to close some paid off credit cards in order to decrease my debt to income ratio? I want to look into owning a home but I know the debt to income ratio is important so I wanted to knock off some of the revolving credit payments. How should I go about that if it’s not really good to close an account?

  25. James Segarra says:

    That's unfair.

  26. Armani Nguon says:

    I have a kohl target and a school first credit card closed account. I want to fix it, should I reopen? Or leave it as is. I’m trying to get serious with credit score 7 years-6 years ago I was dumb and young. Since older I want to fix my score my score now is really decent I went from 408-mid 700s I noticed I have three closed accounts

  27. luis cortazar says:

    Hey question. The other day I signed up for an old navy credit card thinking it was a membership card. Would it be better to pay it off keep it and not use it or just sparingly or to pay it off and ask to cancel it.

  28. Marjorie Castillo-Farquhar says:

    Is it bad to have a high credit limit when I’m not using the card? It seems that I won’t be able to get a zero interest card because they might think I’ll use the high credit limit card and not pay them.

  29. yokona18 says:

    This is really informative. I got a question, why I can’t be approved after cancelling my credit card? Is it because of the cancellation I made in the past? Thank you.

  30. 2 Many Remote Controllers says:

    Hi Shebby, Thank you for the videos you put out! I am in a bizarre situation. I currently have Delta Platinum, but I really want to get the Amex Gold instead. I know I have to cancel my Delta card but I only had it since March. Do you think it is early enough for me to cancel it and sacrifice a few credit scores? FYI, I have over 800+ cred score and one other credit card, a total of 2 cards with Delta. Please I need your expertise!

  31. Ceasar Diaz says:

    I’ve actually been told that I have too many credit cards. I have 3 that I never ever use. I’m really considering closing them. You think that’s a good idea in thiscase

  32. Blove and G says:

    Does not using a credit card have any negatives

  33. Nitro Needy says:

    5 to 10 cards?! Insanity!

  34. Marcel Dubenion says:

    I have 7 cards. 4 have been open for 4 years and 3 I just opened that are only 2-3 months. I realized I don’t need them. Would my score go up if I closed them because it would increase my average age by dropping off the younger cards?

  35. NANDO H.M says:


  36. Acta Non Verba says:

    So I just went two times to Macy's and paid an amount of $350 approximately counting both trips and I received a notice by mail recently that I have to pay $301. I'm shocked at how this system works I just can't believe it, where is the benefit here, boosting your credit score like this is not good for you. I thought that the card was just to give you discounts and that you could use the Macy's card to buy stuff and that the money of any purchase gets accumulated and that you have to pay that money which is fine for me but I didn't expected a surprise fee of close to the same amount of money that I spend in my firsts visits.

  37. Jose Maciel says:

    Hey @Sebby, do you know if this applies to authorized users too?

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