How Does Being an Authorized User Affect my Credit Score?

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WalletHub’s experts explain how being an authorized user affects your credit score. Track your free credit score here:

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how do i dispute something on my credit report

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5 Responses

  1. Bernardo Gomez says:

    Hello, I have a question! So I had no credit at all and 8 months ago I got added as an authorized user and by my brother in law and he gave me a credit card which I didn’t use at all. So I checked my score in credit karma and it’s 702. Now I just applied for a chase credit card for myself, so my question is, when I start using it and having payments on time will that add to my 702 score I already have for being an authorized user? Another if they delete me as an authorized user will that delete my score?

  2. Michael Joseph says:

    I asked my parent to remove me from their account, and it’s still on my report as Authorized User “ Terminated” ? Isn’t it supposed to come off completely?

  3. Mercedes Jutsine says:

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  4. Kirsty Hill says:

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  5. v_otaku says:

    What if u get a credit card, and u dont use the money so u pay it back using the money?

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