How Do I Rebuild My Life After Bankruptcy and Addiction?

How Do I Rebuild My Life After Bankruptcy and Addiction?

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27 Responses

  1. Tommy TheGreek says:

    That was very refreshing to see people that are strangers not only have empathy for one another, but the support and positivity Dave offered the man. Too bad its not the norm and rather surprising to see…God Bless

  2. Richard Galvan says:

    Travis – Atlanta, GA
    Recovering from bankruptcy 1:42 & addiction

  3. Mie Goreng Seafood says:

    we need to be Born Default white blank paper.pure and sincere…not only in the Religion point of view but all the aspect that related to the Particular problem that we have

  4. I am King Craig says:

    Glad he is on the right path now!

  5. Susan Sauls says:

    He's going to come out of this stronger. He will NEVER want to go back to that dark place again. Life will be sweet for him and he will never take the good things that really matter in life for granted.
    Part 1: Addiction conquered.
    Part 2: Personal finances championed next.✔️

  6. MR MARZ says:

    "Im paying for it"

    But it's FREE. Lol

  7. Ben Vasilinda says:

    Travis is the guy worth rooting for. His wife and family have stood by his side for a reason. He just needs to keep doing what he is doing and he will get there.

  8. Jerry West says:

    Travis is a good ole boy

  9. Nashville Gardener says:

    "Yes Sir!" ….always a sign of good parenting or military training! Good luck luck Travis!

  10. Yip Villas says:

    I have a question, I just filed chapter 13 today my number 1 goal is to stop the wage garnishmen temporarily from student loan I send the case number right away to our payroll department requesting to stop garnishment. But I remember our cut off payroll was yesterday October 15 and I just filed today October 16 for our October 21 paycheck. What if they tell me that they can't stop the garnishment for this coming payday because of the cut off

  11. Purple girl says:

    Geez how do I get out of the minimum wage cycle?

  12. Kirsty Kepp says:

    I love this so much! What an encouraging call.

  13. Elizabeth Baxter says:

    This made me cry. You’re an amazing person Dave.

  14. Briceida Beatriz Bulgin says:

    Dave you are Amazing!!!!!!!! Hero!!!!!!!!

  15. Slo Mo says:

    This is easily a top 3 favorite segment to me.
    Not an ounce of doubt from Dave… All encouraging… All in to help this man make a change not just to his life but his family tree! Dave made me feel better about the caller's chances.
    This guy doesn't sound like he would go to church for a free chicken dinner but he is going to save his marriage. God help him! It's right there!

  16. Alex D says:

    If he lives up to his potential he seems capable of anything he chooses.

  17. Digital Brand says:

    haven't heard Dave's rant about diet and exercise in awhile

  18. Mr. Richard says:

    You couldn't have handled that call any better, Dave.

  19. Ben Qotsa2017 says:

    I love this!

  20. Birkinbag09 says:

    Love pappa Dave

  21. Barney Rubble says:

    100% of addicts have money problems. Yep

  22. korzym says:

    Reddit wall street bets and tendies. Lots of tendies.

  23. Ron Staudinger says:

    Dave you are the best

  24. Clare Hill says:

    He's on the right path now

  25. Salty Psychosis says:

    This was some goodassshit right here. Glad I watched it.

  26. Terrie Smith says:

    Good for him!! Glad he's sober and is working to get his life back on track!!! He'll get there with time.

  27. Sun Set says:

    I have a feeling great things are in store for this man !

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