How Do I Get A Zero Credit Score?

How Do I Get A Zero Credit Score?

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24 Responses

  1. Henry Moore says:

    hello there, thanks to DUMPSGURU on telegram who helped me fix my bad credit score in a short time up, I'm in your debt for life man!i can now get good loans..

  2. Brittany Murray says:

    So I have a zero credit score and I can't get a vehicle so how is this good?

  3. Isreal Henry says:

    Dirk Hess has been helping Make more than 60k every year from btc mining investment all safe and secured. He also boosted my FIco score to excellent 850 within 14days and cleared all my credit cards debt instantly
    All safe and hundred percent secured. He replies on his mail forums daily legionofgloomhackers at gmail dot com

  4. Daeguma says:

    Honestly, I believe no debt is good but people in the comments are talking about how they have credit cards and they use their credit cards wisely…

    Be honest you have your credit card because you can't pay anything on time. That's the only reason why you have it. If you can pay on time why get a credit card? You don't really need one because that's too much stress. If you have to get one to pay your bills then why not use your money and pay bills?

    It just sounds stupid to have a credit card to pay anything. If you don't have the money don't spend it.

  5. SoCalFreelance says:

    I have 100,000+ AMEX points and I'm unsure what to do with them?

  6. K Black says:

    I have no debt and nearing an 800 score. I use credit cards to pay for everything I normally would buy, get deals and points, pay it off in full each month. Easy to do and a win/win situation for me. Actually STRIVING a zero is good for what? If you don't need credit for anything, tis kinda pointless isn't it? I know Dave doesn't approve of debit or credit cards but who walks around with a pile of cash in their pockets in this day and age? I find that a bit silly.

  7. jvolstad says:

    I checked my score this evening. 840 with a current total balance of around $500. I use my cards to purchase gasoline, shopping at the local food store, and other useful monthly expenses. But I also pay off the balances in full each month.

  8. scarrmd says:

    A zero credit score should be the new status symbol of choice in America

  9. Mila 921 says:

    How does that work regarding hotel stays and car rentals???

  10. jaysdangerroom says:

    It's not the interest is the problem with credit cards but the card triggers you to spend when you do not want to spend or overspend with these reward points, cashback, coupons, etc. The credit card companies know alot people pay off their cards but to make money off the credit card holders they throw in these incentives to make you spend more or spend unnecessarily. Also if the credit score is so good why when a buy my car cash at the dealer they get upset about it? It seems credit makes everybody money except the consumer. It's a scam.

  11. Andrew K says:

    Should have replied to the email saying 'I am dead'.

  12. ProudMoney - Credit Cards & Personal Finance says:

    Pretty sure if you've ever had a loan or credit, it sticks on your credit report for 10 years, though some bad stuff drops off after 7. Not sure where he gets the idea it just disappears in a year if you stop using credit and shut all of your accounts. Have never heard of this as a thing.

  13. WildandLiving says:

    Cell phones in canada report

  14. White Kita says:

    I have never met a person with a zero credit score… where are those people? maybe the people who live in the jungles?

  15. MelaninDoc MD says:

    I have a question for someone in college wanting to get an apartment they all do credit checks and refuse to take 3 months of rent in advance to bypass not having credit . How do I deal with this?

  16. Yayy Areaa says:

    Investing Hustler has both zero credit and 900 credit

  17. Frank Kujawski says:

    I disagree, I think it is 12 years. Good things are on the system for 12 years, bad things are 10 years.

  18. SEA HOUSE says:

    Dave I want to recommend your book to my friends. But I don’t understand why you’re talking about zero credit score as a positive thing.

    Having a healthy credit score is really important— what am I missing?

  19. MR3D-Dev says:

    I understand where Dave comes from, most of the people calling to this show have ridiculous debts. At my house we have credit cards and no balances, good credit score has helped me move into a house faster. As an imigrant in the US I see the credit score is a way for companies to see how responsible you are and I don't have time to be looking for manual underwriting and having to live in specific places where they don't check your score

  20. Matt P says:

    Credit cards are a useful tool if you're a responsible person. If you don't trust yourself to be mature with money then don't get a credit card.

    I've had a credit card since I was 20(I'm now 26) and to this day haven't paid a cent in interest because I only spend what I know I can pay in full by the end of the pay period.

  21. Frederick Shull says:

    If you are spending outside of your budget, you have a you problem, not a credit card problem.

  22. Diana says:

    But Dave, don’t you need good credit for some things? ie rentals?

  23. Ibhenriksen says:

    It's not a zero credit score. It's a: We cannot find you, where are you? Are you ok? Did you die? Score.

  24. Investing Hustler says:

    I don’t know why anyone would want to have a 0 credit score. A lot people look at credit cards like something evil. But you can easily use credit to your advantage. You just need to learn to have discipline and not spend more than what you can afford.

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