How do I fix my credit for free?| credit score

How to fix your credit for free, and improve your credit score, from a former mortgage broker and debt negotiator who has helped dozens of people fix their credit for free.

Ginger C Faith has been helping happy families make smart choices in Real Estate since 2001. First as a mortgage broker, and then following it up with a RE Broker’s license in
2005. Her team has helped over 200 people decide how to use Real Estate to better their lives, whether that means time to buy, time to sell, time to sit tight, or time to make investments that make sense.

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We look forward to helping you make smart Real Estate choices for you and your family,
from selling a house that is no longer working for you, (for top dollar while utilizing the best tax strategies to keep more money in your pocket) to buying your dream home and/or
then investing in real estate intelligently to secure a rock solid retirement. Our expansive knowledge and breadth of experience can help you through this all…Lifetime partnerships with top notch professionals guarantee your success. Happy to be on your team!

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  1. Samantha Pearlman says:

    Such a great topic! Thanks for making this great video!

  2. Horizon Real Estate & Probate and Trust Help says:

    Nice tips on how to improve credit

  3. Jesse Poll - Southern Utah Real Estate says:

    This was so helpful, nice detail here.

  4. Karin Carr says:

    Great tips, Ginger!

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