How can I get more vegetables in my diet?

How can I get more vegetables in my diet? is just one of the questions that we will cover as well as today’s latest immune health news that you can use.

The pandemic has disrupted many of our healthy eating habits. Along with food distributions problems, many of us just don’t get enough vegetables in our daily meals.

Tune in today at 1 PM Pacific, 4 PM Eastern when Dr. Christopher Vogelmann and nutritionist Monika Klein answer your questions LIVE to help you find out how to eat more veggies!

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1 Response

  1. c1n9r6v3 says:

    ▓▒░ I cannot speak for others,

    but if someone asks me how I would

    get more vegetables into my diet,

    my reply would be:

    It begins with a trip to the supermarket

    or grocery store or anywhere vegetables

    are sold.

    Then, I would pick / choose all the

    vegetables I want.

    Always wash your vegetables before you

    cook them.

    And after you cook them, eat them.

    That way, you'll get vegetables into your diet.

    ( Given the  fact that  YouTube tends to

    not display my comments / replies,

    perhaps no one will see this one.

    But IF you see  it, give it a Thumbs Up. )

    Today is Sunday where I'm at,

    the three  hundred eleventh  day of

    the  year  two  thousand and twenty-one.

    ( And unto them who knoweth not

    how to   number   your   days,   it is

    the  seventh  day in the month of November. ░▒▓


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