How Bankruptcy Can Produce Long Term Benefits to Your Life

The process of filing bankruptcy forces you to look at your budget and financial decision making in black and white and on paper. If you really want that fresh start, bankruptcy allows you to walk away from bad choices and to set yourself up for a much more predictable and sound future.

In this video I discuss a number of choices that you and your attorney should discuss. Choices like obtaining health insurance, disability insurance and life insurance can help your bankruptcy proceed more smoothly and they are sound financial decisions for your future.

Similarly, your bankruptcy will work better if your have “buy in” from your spouse and family. The short term pain of Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 can be better understood by your family if they understand the long term benefits of smart money decisions.

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  2. Ski252 says:

    Can college savings for your kids be factored in to your chapter 13?

  3. Nicolas Ruvalcaba says:

    Thanks a lot for this information.

  4. Original Dreamgirl says:

    what about bankruptcy agencies like Debt Stoppers? Are they legitimate?

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