How Authorized User Status Might Increase Your Credit Score

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Welcome to my MissBeHelpful channel!


In this video, I explain:
-what Authorized user Status means
-how it may or may not improve your score quickly by adding years to your age of credit

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how to take things off my credit report

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36 Responses

  1. Inspiring Minds says:

    How could you make it a business if you have good credit. Helping others establish good credit?

  2. Sabrin says:

    So if I’m the primary account holder & I add an authorized user who has bad credit history’s will it affect my score?/my reputation with the credit bureau ?

  3. PeaceOfMind says:

    If planning to become an authorized user make sure the balance is zero before they remove you from their card or your score will drop especially if that card has a ton of history

  4. Meme Lashae says:

    That invisible credit problem was what I ran into when I tried to buy my first car. Partner that with a parent with zero financial knowledge (who had to co-sign the loan so I could get the car) and I walked away with the worst ever in history interest rate on a junk car from some sketchy dealership. I basically bought 1 1/2 cars buy the time I paid off the car, I was in the dumps via credit, owed $44k in card debts and 97k in student loans and really couldn’t afford anymore Tried Lexington law a while back and that was just a mistake My cousin referred me to Creditrepairport on telegram I’m intrigued by their honesty and service..

  5. Running Deer says:

    If you are an authorized user say on your grandmas account, is that being reported to the credit bureau??

  6. mayra Pizana says:

    I’m an authorized user on a credit card that person wants me to to pay it off and she can close it will that affect my score

  7. Peanut Man says:

    Are you that same girl that dates that black Actor guy on Facebook named Tay Lindsey?

  8. Justin B says:

    I need a gangster girl like you in my life.

  9. Annabeth Hollie Griffith says:

    I filled bankruptcy on a vehicle and when i did they put my motorcycle in with it since i was still paying on it but just found out it still shows on my credit that my motorcycle still has an open account with the finance company and says ive missed payments since last April, but its suppose to be under chapter 13 bankruptcy, I've went through some really tragic moments that damaged my credit but after meeting SolutionX, every negative items were deleted along with my BK Chapter 13, this changed my life and I am now in the 800 club with a clean reports and debt free. contact send your request and mail to f i x x h a c k x s p y   @   g m a i l , c o m  .
     for any of your credit problems

  10. Justin Caldero says:

    I'm trying to add my 1 year old daughter as an authorized user on my chase freedom unlimited but it doesn't give me an option to add her social security number. How will her credit get boosted if the card will not even be attached to her social? I've called chase and they say to contact the credit bureaus and the credit bureaus say to call chase lol

  11. Malory Marvin says:

    After trying to remove erroneous, unverifiable and premature accounts from my personal credit report, an European Cyber Security Technician, Engr.SolutionXHAck  helped me removed them, I can’t thank him enough for life, this are account that should legally not be there and He gave me some golden secret about the consumer laws that govern what the creditor and the credit bureaus can and can’t do, I was sensitized about the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting act). He can manage your credit score, help you settle/resolve your credit score dispute and help you challenge it with the law when it is not in your favour. I was so much impressed by his work and that’s the reason I’m recommending him as well. You can reach him via email f i x x h a c k x s p y   @   g m a i l , c o m  . or leave your message on business WhatsApp num +1 7 0 8 9 8 6 1 4 2 7 very good and reliabl
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  12. Kishore S says:

    It's almost like girls blabber toooo much
    She should shut up & talk on point

  13. Kishore S says:

    What is she talking
    Does she even know?

  14. The 1 says:

    Love your videos, any advice how to get a repo off my report?

  15. Miss Pinkapples says:

    Barclays did that to me. It doesn't report

  16. Zerajnim Egroj says:

    im here cuz I have a crush on you

  17. bronzeman 1987 says:

    My bro just turned 18 and I added him to my credit card WF so could start credit. They didn't ask for his SS so how would it help his credit?

  18. Brian Olvera says:

    Will my authorized user's credit score affect mine if I add them to my credit card?

  19. Desiree Salter says:

    Ok, so when you become an authorized user under someone's account, and it gets approved, the authorized user gets a hard inquiry?

  20. illestAlive says:

    Bro you fine as helllll I have no idea what this video was about

  21. The Car Guy says:

    Thanks so much this helps a lot

  22. One Love says:

    Thank you thank you thank

  23. Tenaizya Hall says:

    Can someone be an authorized user on more than one credit card?

  24. DAMO LowEND or NoEND says:

    Question i have someone who have 7years on a capital one credit card credit limit 2500 but she in the hole 2100 because hard times so i iffer to help her pay it off or down to zero balance to become a authorized user should I yes or no i want it because of the age of the account whats your honest opinion

  25. Chuck Nasty says:

    She is beautiful! I’m sorry but I had to watch this 3 times before I was able to pay any attention to why I watched this video in the first place.. Smh beautiful smile!

  26. Prestige Muscle says:

    Your sassiness made me subscribe lol

  27. Clown Whisper says:

    I have an extremely urgent question I'm trying not to be homeless right now. I became disabled which screwed my credit up because of doctors bills. I don't know a whole hell of a lot but I don't have positive credit either right now. I have a friend with overall good credit but he doesn't carry credit cards he pays loans Etc so you his positive credit but no credit card he offered to take out a credit card and put me on as authorized user to help me. Would this still help even though it's a brand new card and he has no history with that card? Did they simply go by your credit history or by that specific card? I hope you see this because I am literally almost homeless

  28. Munkhuu Altan says:

    I just become authorized user last week and i checked credit score and history i didnt see any changes ?

  29. Franklin Martin says:

    Are you a parking ticket? ‘Cause you’ve got fine written all over you.

  30. Kent Woodard says:

    When we add an AU, do they have to call the bank to get the card active or can we cut up the card without contacting the bank and it will automatically report to the credit bureaus?

  31. Kevin Edwards says:


  32. Jordan Jorge says:

    Is this posible with capital one?

  33. Derek Grasshopper says:

    Which authorized user credit cards report the FULL HISTORY of the primary user to ALL THREE agencies?

  34. Brandon L says:

    I got added as an authorized user for 20k line in credit 6 months ago and it hasn’t showed up on my credit score

  35. Purnell F. Landfair says:

    The other positive is, you now have a relationship with them, so now you can go and get your own card with them. When you did it yourself you were denied, but now since they know you, it is a lot easier for you to get approved!

  36. Zac Licciardello says:

    Goldensurvey59@ gMail. Com, thank me later

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