How Agencies Can Build Amazing Advertising Campaigns For Clients


0:00 – Intro
3:38 – Meet today’s guest
6:23 – How Allen got into the advertising space
13:07 – The original Xerox campaign
21:04 – The See Something Say Something campaign
36:32 – How the advertising landscape has changed
42:26 – What makes a great creative director in the digital age
58:23 – Answering questions
1:05:27 – Wrapping up


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Advertising agencies are constantly struggling to build amazing advertising campaigns for clients.

Agencies have become so busy they don’t have time to create great ideas that will impress their clients. They also lack the tools needed to execute these ideas in a cost-effective way.

Allen Kay is an industry leader who has built some of the most successful advertising campaigns over the last 25 years, including Xerox’s award-winning “Monks” campaign and New York MTA’s “If You See Something, Say Something”. He’ll share his insights on how you can bring your best work forward, while building trust with your clients along the way.

Hosted by long-time agency expert and communication coach, Stephanie Liu, join us to learn from Allen:

✴️ his secrets on how he makes amazing advertising campaigns happen for his clients, even with limited resources and tight deadlines
✴️ what it takes to be a great creative director in the digital age, including how you can get your team excited about doing work that matters!

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