How A Zombie Film Should Be Written (DAWN OF THE DEAD Reaction)

My first time watching Dawn of the Dead! Hope you all enjoy my reaction to the movie.

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Original Movie: Dawn of the Dead (2004)

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21 Responses

  1. Purple Pony says:

    I just got an ad for an editing website I just found google is listening !!!!!!

  2. Marco Hernandez says:

    I think the best part of this movie for me was CJs character development I hated him so much in the beginning and then by the end i loved him! This is a great film!

  3. Retro woohoo says:

    19:09: this ain’t the walking dead

  4. Ryan Sutton says:

    Should do a reaction to Shawn of the dead hilarious!

  5. MrDeadlyMatt says:

    at 7:30 that soldier is from the original dawn of the dead πŸ™‚

  6. Devone Cates says:

    Rip Andy

  7. Alex Jeal says:

    Honestly I love the remake especially the soundtrack but the original just has that edge, originality and the opening massacre is brutal

  8. Evan Stark says:

    I believe the reason the military helicopter didn't land to get them near the beginning of the movie was most likely due to the fact they looked like infected (the nurse was covered in blood still and the fact they were flailing theyre arms can make them pass for the dead at a distance), what they couldve done is use a reflective mirror and try to get the pilots attention, cause the dead wouldnt most likely know how to do that and in pretty sure the pilots would know that as well. And they could be under orders to bypass places that look like there are signs of infection.

  9. Panisa, Meilee Gabriel R. GR12 ICT2 says:

    Would you look at that, two Hulk villains, Abomination and Doc Samson in one zombie movie.

  10. azor ahai says:

    Imo the best zombie movie!

  11. TheEyez187 says:

    8:13 – That one "zombie" dead (no pun intended) centre at the back, breaks that scene for me!

  12. Him in the Gulf says:

    So this guy never watched any movies till he started this YouTube channel? Lmao What a fraud

  13. Land967 says:

    You forget that Anna literally had a full family at the start because she doesn't process any of it that we can see and doesn't even mention it to anyone else kinda like she forgot she had a family trying to rip her to shreds
    And yes, they did die. They ran out of food and drink on the boat getting to that place and I doubt there was enough time to get the boat back into the water again before they got swarmed

  14. Adam Massacre says:

    Awesome movie i saw this at the cinema on release and have been a big fan of it ever since πŸ™‚

  15. david2012slayer says:

    Best zombie movies:
    Dawn of the Dead
    28 days later
    Train to busan

  16. david2012slayer says:

    Army of the Dead could have been a great sequel of this. But damn it Znyder. You choose the most stupid screenplay ever.

  17. Eq 137 says:

    This movie is not "Dawn of the Dead". Go to the 1978 movie for the REAL version.

  18. Raven16691 says:

    You gotta keep in mind this was Synders first movie. So, yeah it doesn't really have the Synder style that we are used to.

  19. Tom Ferreira says:

    Left 4 Dead was based on this movie.

  20. SEWINGMACHINE300 says:

    So great seeing someone watch this for the first time lmao

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