House Passes Trump's Horrific 'Right to Try' Bill

In this Majority Report clip, we discuss a crazy new last passed by the House that allows experimental drugs to bypass the FDA.

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—House Republicans easily passed a controversial bill aimed at helping some dying patients get new access to experimental therapies Wednesday, resurrecting legislation that suffered a major setback just a week ago.

Passage of the bill, on a largely party-line vote of 267-149, is a step forward for the”right-to-try” movement, after House Republicans failed to pass the legislation last Tuesday. Then, they had hoped to rely on an easier, quicker process typically reserved for noncontroversial bills, which requires a two-thirds vote. That day, the bill actually got more support than Wednesday, with a vote of 259-140.

It’s not clear what’s next for the legislation, which has been a priority for President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. The Senate unanimously passed a broader right-to-try bill last fall, but did so largely to satisfy the demands of the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) as he held up another priority law. A single senator could similarly choose to block or hold up consideration of the now House-passed bill. —


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31 Responses

  1. Ilmārs Belēvičs says:

    trump 2020 fu libtards

  2. kg Fairgo says:

    If you have never had a terminally illl child or parent then you dont know what this means. Understand that the fda is government ran entity …they want to outlaw b12 so there ya go. But go ahead and trust the fda, jerk off

  3. pat McCormick says:

    its called freedom .

  4. robinsss says:

    marijuana  could be used  under   this bill

  5. Andrew_Owens says:

    The GOP just needs to mix healthcare and gun rights and have hospitals shoot minorities upon entrance. That seems to be the brilliant future that we are headed for. What a bunch of highly paid cunts.

  6. RedMage says:

    Just goes to show Republicans are only against right to die with dignity because they want to be the ones that put that last needle in you.

  7. Some Body says:

    ‘Jimmy Stewart Koch Bros,’ is an excellent addition to Michael Brooks’ repertoire! Actually had me laughing. Thanks for this important reporting and actual journalism Sam Seder. You and David Pakman are two of the most righteous and thoughtful Jews out of all of the Jews who control the media. Like David, are you also fluent in ‘liberal gay,’ as was exposed by a Hatriot the other day ok TDPS

  8. Sonja Baris says:

    I'm at a loss for words with this one.

  9. bigraviolees says:

    Bush senior effed up the FDA and sped up a process to the determent of all of us. The GOP care about money not life, purge the bastards. We don't need 382738957 pharma commercials telling gullible idiots to ask their doctor about rapid blinking syndrome

  10. Laura Cullen says:

    I just heard Alex Jones say that the Koch Bros & Trump have signed up to be first users of the new FDA-free "Killim Quiker" serum at no charge to feds. They will promise to pay themselves. Saving tax payer dollars after all.

  11. Charles Burgenstein says:

    Social Darwinism

  12. ThE DuCk says:

    Wait ! What ??

  13. Xyz Same says:

    F**ng unbelieveable that the elected "representatives" pass that – and does anyone hear the Democrats shouting it fromt he rooftops ??
    – Big Biz ALWAYS wins – no matter which of the parties provides the puppet in chief or dominates the Houses.

    That's what Big Biz pays THEIR politicians for.

    So much for the "lesser of two evils" concept.

  14. Xyz Same says:

    part 2 of 2 There was a case where a DRUG TESTING went completely wrong in the UK. In my opinion they waited too long until they handed over the test participants to the normal (intense) care of a hospital. When all 6 of the participants have MASSIVE reactions right away and get worse and worse it's time to end the experiment.

    (the other 6 in the double blind study who had gotten the placebo infusion watched in horror – they of course did not know in the beginning if it would hit them too in the next 15 minutes or the next hours). it became apparent soon who had gotten the drug and who not. They started bleeding, had intense pain, vomitted uncontrollably, etc. etc.

    Luckily (and it was a close call for at least one participant, we are talking about multiple organ failure, long intense care) all survived.
    One man had fingers amputated (both hands affected) and I think also one foot (because of necrosis that he contracted during his long intense care where he was close to death).

    The company went bankrupt (insufficient insurance). The company that did the testing for them was sued, there was an out of court settlement.

    The case garnered a lot of attention and the rules for testing were altered in the EU (to protect participants BETTER).
    The drug was in an advanced stage of testing – the monkeys had tolerated it just fine and in higher doses.

    Ruthless, cost-conscious drug companies for instance would have detected that effect on humans by using terminally ill guinea pigs w/o legal rights and without the state controlling them. And they could have avoided the bankrupcy, the insurance costs, the costs of settlements.

    Good thinking of the pharma industry.

    And it is also good practice that one company has the rights to the drug and another one does the testing. It allows to separate the levels of accountability and the risks.

    If something goes wrong and gets costly one can always send one company into strategic bankrupcy and thus protect the real assets.
    (They messed that up in the UK – but one can learn form the mistakes of others).

  15. axion says:

    so the trump administration is going to allow human experimentation and is fase 1 trial before or after animal testing because normally it is animal testing is it oke would could apply for human trials

  16. Xyz Same says:

    part 1 of 2 And what would stop them from doing TEST that have NOTHING TO DO with the respective illness ?? – After all there is no oversight, and no possibility to sue. This way they could exclude some of the worst side effects of an experimental drug with little cost (for instance no insurance needed).

    The results would not be completely conclusive of course – but on the other hand it does not cost them that much either.

    Never mind such drugs could interact with other medication that the ill patients are getting.

  17. ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°) says:

    Call it forced to test or forced guinea pig bill

  18. okrajoe says:

    Selectively choosing experimental data, because that's what sound science is all about.

  19. Xyz Same says:

    There was a case where a Catholic home for foster children and also Child protection services ! allowed some unrestrained doctors of medicine to treat HIV-infected children with HIGH doses of AIDS drugs.

    The drug doses were not adjusted to the body weight (and maybe differing metabolism/system of a growing human).

    It came out because a couple had 2 little girls in foster care, both were HIV infected. Their pediatrician later confirmed that the girls were doing wonderfully. They became more lively and upbeat AND their health improved very much over time – on reduced Aids medication.

    The doctor in cooperation with the foster parents had reduced the dose of medication (that had been going on for some time and obviously suited the little girls well – one can assume that the overdose of drugs was an assault on their system – like I said they were given doses that were high for ADULTS).

    When the usual case worker of the couple (who was cooperating well with the couple) was on holiday, the substitute in CPS signed or issued an order to forcibly remove the girls from their foster parents – no former warning, no consultation with the doctor or other experts, nothing.

    Well, that family was solid middle class and LOVED the little ones. So they fought back. They reached out to the media, the doctor made public statements.

    Unfortunately the little girls were not returned to the family.

    Can you imagine the PSYCHOLOGICAL DAMAGE to the children !!! They were maybe 3 – 4 years when they were taken from the home, likely the first loving and caring home and bonding they had.

    Anyway: it also came out that a Catholic home caring (also) for such HIV infected children colluded with the drug companies in that "experiment".

    The New York Times reported on it. The doctors that run the experiment justified their actions with: we answer to an ethics commission. Only the ethics commission also (or solely – not sure about that) included the same doctors that run the experiments.
    So they were controlling themselves.

    After the public outcry the experiments were stopped. – I guess they moved to developing nations where there is no hassle with a New York Times or citizens / voters who do not like foster children being abused as guinea pigs.

    I also recommend the film with Rachel Weiss and Ralph Fiennes The Constant Gardener. (related to the topic).

  20. Xyz Same says:

    The FREE MARKET requires EQUAL ACCESS TO INFORMATION. – now if only terminaly ill patients would get those drugs administered – with a spark of hope and also to HELP future patients: that would be one thing.
    But: in that case the responsible, ethically acting drug companies would have no need to hide the data before the only entity that can hold them accountable, the FDA

    And why would we assume the pharma companies would act ethically in the first place – in what alternate universe would that be.

  21. Dante Ratto says:

    I'm for "right to try" laws, but the FDA should be recording every ounce of data from every case of their use. Blocking that data seems insane. I don't understand who that benefits.

  22. Two Sheds Johnson says:

    Hawaii just passed a "right to die" bill. I'm guessing some pharmaceutical company will profit from it with their euthanasia drug. So, will you all oppose that simply because of your disdain for corporations making a profit?

  23. Liz Masi says:

    I'm outraged!

  24. narayantx says:


  25. S J says:

    Let someone in the Trump family be the first patient.

  26. On Taka says:

    "Or who have exhausted approved treatment options."
    It could just mean you have exhausted your wallet and are now "Economically Challenged".
    They might also apply that drug for other purposes in the future like "Lethal Injections" to execute convicts.

  27. Julian Laureano says:

    If you are of sound mind and body, understand the risk AND THE DATA IS RECORDED. id be all for this. But this will be abused and kill people. No reasonable doctor will go along with this Knowingly.

  28. gspendlove says:

    So basically, this is the Human Experimentation Bill. I hate people that Godwin issues like this, but….how long until Dachau?

  29. Mike R. says:

    But Hillary was going to start World War III, so what else could we do? /sarcasm

  30. STM says:

    The Soviet Union experimented on people so why shouldn't comrade Trump?

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