Hollywood Homicide | Season 1 | Episode 1 | Robert Blake

When the wife of ‘Baretta’ star Robert Blake is found shot dead in Blake’s car, LAPD Homicide Detective Ron Ito uncovers a sophisticated con game and web of spurned lovers that led to an infamous murder.

Hollywood Homicide Uncovered tells the story of unthinkable murders, all connected to the pursuit of celebrity. Each hour-long episode uncovers the real-life drama, deceit and crime itself, agains the backdrop of a city where dreams are supposed to come true. At the heart of each episode lies a mystery surrounding a suspicious Hollywood death. Detectives must uncover the true motives and clues amongst the media circus.

Creator: Chantal Jackson
Stars: Rory O’Shea, Scott Michaels, Paige Locke


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45 Responses

  1. SpiritualVortexNE says:

    whats the stupid filter on this, lines through it, so annoying!!

  2. Kitty Kat says:

    Obviously it wasn’t her looks lol!! She was so homely!

  3. Wicky Woo says:

    heh… she was a Cassanova/419 scammer of porno.

  4. Olivia says:

    Who watches Henry Danger? Comment down below!

  5. Sararet Toum says:

    Waste my time

  6. Frank Skoda-Simmons says:

    A woman who lives that kind of life cannot hope to die peacefully in her bed. And there are a lot of dysfunctional people around here. Hollywood seems to be teeming with them.

  7. Martin Kirby says:

    It makes me wonder how much he paid his lawyer to get him off the lawyer himself looks as if he knows that Blake did it but he only cares about his reputation I hope he can't sleep at night knowing that he was responsible that a cold blooded killer got away with murder pool Rosie will never be able to get to see the person who killed her mom bought to justice I really hope that all who are involved in the killing rot in hell

  8. Martin Kirby says:

    Maybe he got his friend to do it for him because his friend had killed before

  9. Martin Kirby says:

    Blake the snake did it

  10. Annie Q. says:

    When you have money, you can get away with murder.

  11. Maria Galbova says:


  12. Theresa Pierce says:

    What a load of Bullshit, Blake shot her and with typical Hollywood arrogance, got away with it.

  13. Judy Pratt says:

    My wife was shot while I went retrieving gun, that beats the dog eat my homework by a mile .

  14. H P says:

    Yes but I’ll Bonnie wanted was money why didn’t Robert lake just pay her off and keep the baby.

  15. dark electric says:

    Robert who ?

  16. Nicholas Cook says:

    I feel sorry for the whole human race sad,sad,sad.

  17. Dr. Barry Cohn says:

    I think the grifter wife met not at all an unexpected end. Not that she deserved to be murdered.

  18. cool it now 001 says:

    I really want to feel bad forBonnie,I really do.The more I learn about her I'm like nnaaghh,I'm good.

  19. KD Fulton says:

    If Blake did it, he had 2 guns with him that night-it’s not difficult to figure out. Bonnie was a complete grifter; she scammed the wrong guy.

  20. Chunelle Maria Victoria Espanol says:

    43:17 =How to get away with murder 2.0, Hollywood style…

  21. anastasia46 says:

    Way too many commercials

  22. Kent Malone says:

    What about his daughter?

  23. Ifiyenia Spiliotopoulou says:

    Seeing a person injured and bleeding, you naturally ask “are you ok?”

  24. Bong Labz says:

    Even the 911 call was ridiculous. " hello 911? You know the actor Robert Blake?!". As if it was really necessary to drop a famous name to start a call.

  25. Stan Salazar says:

    Blake was just taking out the trash.

  26. Leslie Lang says:

    It's a sad story. It's sad that there seem to be so many lonely older men. Some may be rich and some may not. The woman was terrible. And I don't think she's all that good looking so it amazes me that this horrible woman would be able to get close to any well known man.

  27. Ana Rivera says:

    What happened to little rosie?

  28. Will Venus says:

    10:04 love that editing!

  29. Keetah Brough says:

    Good smearing of the woman; shows clearly the misogyny that lives within the heart of global society. Blakely should be jailed for life. I don’t care about her reputation. Nobody should be using that to justify murder. Ever. Robert didn’t deserve freedom.

  30. Terencia Gillermo says:

    Damn he got away with murder.

  31. RonnieRoo22 says:

    If you live that kind of life its going to catch up with you sooner or later. Especially when a bad woman meets a bad man and tries to take his only child.

  32. eloise634 says:

    ❤️ the pearls

  33. Melissa Upton says:

    Christian Brando MURDERED his sister's boyfriend. It was NOT manslaughter. Our so-called "Justice" system is a joke when it comes to celebrities, or people semi-famous because of their parents. This show left out so much of her past. She ran after Jerry Lee Lewis while still married, then when she became pregnant by her husband, she contacted the tabloids and told them she was pregnant with Jerry Lee's baby.

  34. Michael Leonard says:

    Hollywood will use you exploit you then spit you out if you're not in.

  35. Vicky Whitesell says:

    For a hollywood show, why does the replacement actor have BLUE EYES, Blake has black eyes! And he don't even look like Blake! Could have been done much better.

  36. Helen Harris says:

    she wanted to play the game she got it but not the game she wanted

  37. Helen Harris says:

    she have baby she get money that what she wanted

  38. veronicah munyiva says:

    11 marriages

  39. Dixon Cider says:

    Bonnie was the original OnlyFans model.

  40. Kateena Kitiyana says:

    Who got custody of Rosie?

  41. hope terry says:

    One less con on the street

  42. An lace says:

    So Blake says he forgot his gun in the restaurant. Now that alone is barely believable, who the hell forgets a gun!
    But he also says that he returns to the restaurant to get his gun. But nobody saw him enter (including smokers who were standing at the entrance), and before he supposedly returned to the restaurant again the busboy cleared his table and saw no gun on the seat!
    and when he was younger he admitted to having fantasies about killing a person- a particular guy when he was younger.
    so, yes, he was guilty.
    this is what happens when 2 scumbags meet.

  43. GullWing Storm says:

    Too many ads.

  44. BlckBer207 J says:

    Or Blake didn’t want his GREAT ROLE MODEL OF A WOMAN to raise his child to turn tricks by teenage years and be a full blown “Lonely Hearts” scammer. I’d kill for my child also.

    On the other hand… the Mother used and prob got pregnant for the sole purpose of maximizing her gains from not one man but from TWO!
    At the end of this episode and I’m still not 100% who the victim is here besides the child….

  45. token freak says:

    he killed her…….. hello

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