Here's How Goodwill Letters Work [Late Payment Removal]

In this video, you will learn about how to use goodwill letters when it comes to removing your late payments. If you’ve been looking for ways to adjust late payments on your credit reports, watch this video.

Late payments have been very difficult issues that individuals have faced when it comes to their credit reports. This video will assist you in understanding the fundamentals of late payments and the things that you need to successfully execute a goodwill adjustment campaign.

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10 Responses

  1. Cheron Turner says:

    How can I get an apartment removed off my credit. Its removed off of 2 places trans union in which the credit repair company I was using basically was with them more so than the others. I'm being charged for leaving the apartment with less than 30 days noticed in which is a lie. So they are charging me basically 2 months. Its already 3 year a ago. I made sure to have place shampooed and I cleaned it out period I keep a clean place so the walk out the assistant said everything looked move in ready. Thus is hindering my credit and the repair company I dealt with for a whole year just ripped me off .had me doing it all basically I'm still trying to figure out what they did

  2. T Payne says:

    What to do if the creditor call you back and say it's nothing they can do. Can I just keep sending the goodwill letter until they take it off my credit report.

  3. Sarah Maile says:

    I have 3 late payments last year due to not being able to pay because of the pandemic can I use this as a goodwill ?

  4. Meechie Detroit says:

    Please help me I was late on once last year due to covid19 and twice in 2019 because of student loan garnishment please tel me what all I have to do

  5. Jonathon Joyner says:

    Hey my father passed away and I had a child within those 3 months at the age of 21 and it caused me to miss two payments could I use this in a goodwill letter

  6. Amber Redman says:

    Can u make a video about dealing with debt buyers like Portfolio recovery? I heard never send them a debt validation letter. They send me statements saying one balance but are reporting it on my report as .15 to .20 cents more than what my statements say. I know its just a few cents but the information they're reporting is wrong. The bureaus refuse to investigate it.

  7. Kevin Bacon says:

    Good Afternoon sir…. Why is it that when information is furnished on a report inaccurately and you dispute it, the credit reporting agencies chose to update the information opposed to deleting it?

  8. PHOTOZAI says:

    hello Ali I have late payments reporting on my credit. from capital one 2019,2018 (5) late payments mercury card(6) late payments and a student loan account in 2015 reporting (3) late payments all my accounts have been paid on time for the last 9 or more months i have tried goodwill letters from bureaus and creditors and nothing is happening. Can you please help me on how to handle this situation thank you

  9. Cris Fenix says:

    Thank you ! Ali .. keep dropping life changing information and guiding us into the right credit financial wealth path ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

  10. zfan 010387 says:

    Hello Ali what do you do with a company like Chrysler Capital who said his their policy not to give Goodwill I sent them a couple letters are ready to different addresses that they have explaining that they made a mistake with the auto payment

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