Hemet Police Officer Punches person in face who was selling candy video with press release from PD

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Hemet, CA. – On October 18th, at approximately 3:30 p.m., Hemet Police Officers responded to
a parking lot near the 200 block of East Stetson Ave. to investigate a complaint of a alleged
panhandler. The original reporting party told 911 Dispatchers that the subject was becoming
aggressive with employees from a nearby business who asked him to leave.

At that time,
Officers contacted Edmund Franklin, an adult male. Mr. Franklin was informed that he was
trespassing and needed to leave. Mr. Franklin was also advised that if he returned he would be
subject to arrest for trespassing. Mr. Franklin complied with the Officers and left the location.
At approximately 4:13 p.m., a representative from a business in the 200 block of East Stetson
Ave. contacted the Hemet Police Department a second time and stated that Mr. Franklin had
returned and was refusing to leave. Officers were again dispatched to the location and upon their
return, located Mr. Franklin in the parking lot.

The first responding officer approached Mr. Franklin and attempted to detain him for a trespass violation when a use of force occurred. Mr. Franklin was ultimately arrested for Trespassing, Resisting an Officer, and Attempting to Disarm
an Officer.
The Hemet Police Department is aware of the video that was circulating on social media. We are
reviewing the incident to include the social media posts and the Officer’s body worn camera
video. This incident, like any use of force incident involving a Hemet Police Officer is taken
seriously and will be thoroughly investigated. Anyone with information related to this event can
contact Captain Glen Brock by email at gbrock@hemetca.gov or by phone at (951) 765-2473.
Edmund Franklin, 19-year-old Hemet resident.
Trespassing, Resist/Delay an Officer, Attempt to Disarm an Officer


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24 Responses

  1. Albert McGuire says:

    People in hemet use to soeak english. Now they speak slang. Yo this yo that. Glad i moved to a non liberal state.

  2. The Leprecaun6 says:

    He was told he would be arrested if he came back

  3. Rd Ford says:

    Well again ppl need facts not jist part of one video.

  4. Noah Ariza says:

    The gentleman wasn’t resisting you can tell he’s scared and the cop should of deescalated the situation not of been a tough guy

  5. Earth Angel Heart says:

    What are you doinGuhhhhhhhh?

  6. Alicia Smith says:

    Why didn’t he just do what was asked in the first place? I am not saying this is right at all. It is not! But when you are asked to do something you need to do it.
    I had a woman cop pull me over…she was so rude to me for no reason. Just her power trip. I did what she asked and had no problem. If I wouldn’t have then what would you expect her to do? Stand their waiting for me to respond to her request? That’s what’s wrong today. You can’t loiter in a parking lot. The store owns this lot and they called the police. They wanted him off the property. He did not comply. It’s against the law to break the law.
    Stop breaking the law and maybe things won’t escalate to this!

  7. Rachal Macias says:

    Y’all didn’t get what happens in the beginning you just video tapped the officer once he hit him it’s funny how they alway just show the cops reactions but not what lead up to it!! BS!!! He was resisting what does he expect!!! People now a days think they can act dumb and do stupid crap and then scream police brutality GTFO WITH THIS CRAP

  8. ema Rom says:

    People need to keep voicing their concerns and working together to stop excessive force by law enforcement. Always record, upload in social media asap for the people to know what's going on. Remember. Next time it could be you or one of your love ones or friend, or anyone…………

  9. ema Rom says:

    The video needs to circulate and hope mayor and CA governor do something.

  10. Kevin King says:

    Hemet CA

  11. Jerome Jasper says:

    Hats off to the one with the camera we have been saying this shit for years as a black person we get treated this way all the time this is not a fluke this is a real thing people

  12. Steven Kyle says:

    Watch the video again you can see clearly that the young man grabs the police officer by the wrist. You do not grab police officers unless you want to get put to the ground

  13. Purplerose says:

    Only the Hemet low life people complaining

  14. Aaliyah Gaines says:

    Thank you so much all of you that recorded that is my little brother

  15. Ritchie C says:


  16. sonic bmf says:

    19 yr old was like, I'm just a "law Biden" criminal cop be like welcome to manhood PUNK

  17. Love Is Better says:

    The females are interfering. .and they are lucky they didn't go to jail.. They sound "ridiculous".. If they saw everything ..then they should testify under oath..

  18. Raymond Yu says:

    Edmound Franklin panhandled and loitered Stater Bros. supermarket then ordered to leave and trespass with robbery in Hemet.

  19. Mark Smith says:

    Hmm! Okay many people have committed over the past year about the protests of cop brutality! This is a good example of why those protests were happening because as reported the cop shop where this individual is employed stated that they don't condone excessive force but clearly some where in training this isn't being taught or comprehended as it continues to happen! This person was reported as a traspasser. The question should this person had been treated as he was for trespassing luckily. This didn't escalate to something much worse! #SMH

  20. dəplôrəbəl says:

    That’s too bad…Hemet used to be such a nice place.

  21. troy morgan says:

    You probably deserved it who cares if he's a kid he ain't no kid come on you probably was stealing he needed to get his ass whipped sucks that it was a cop but whatever that whole area sucks it's a bad area

  22. Paula Novelli says:

    Never question authorities. Because we know there no corruption. Some of these comments are so hypocritical. Fools

  23. petercopeland101 says:

    Yes he did look closely

  24. petercopeland101 says:

    Go sell candy at the park

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