Helping Black Women Ditch Money Doubt 💰 w/ Adalia Aborisade

Helping Black Women Ditch Money Doubt w/ Adalia Aborisade @pickygirltravels | Do you have enough money to move abroad or take a career break? Let’s talk about how to figure that out and how to be financially confident. 📌 RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO:

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Where Do I Start to Move Abroad? | 10 Money Moves to Make Before Moving Abroad | How to Leave the US by Picky Girl Travels the World:

21 Money Moves to Make in 2021 by Frugal Chic Life:

Watch the Move to Mexico playlist:

Getting Health Insurance Abroad by Picky Girl Travels the World:


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29 Responses

  1. Sophia Facey says:

    Is this only for American women who want to live abroad

  2. ?searching for truth ? says:

    Can you drive an American car across the border of Mexico?

  3. NaturalsTribe says:

    Im different. America has never given me any type loans. My loan came from a Country that knew nothing about me and financed my vehicle. BigUps to Antigua!!

  4. Dana C. says:

    Replay! Thank you!

  5. Jennifer Samuels says:

    Grandbaby?? That does not seem possible? Just how old is Picky girl? Lol!

  6. Linguistic Colors says:

    I'm super fascinated by Adelia's insights from history… history is key to the future.

  7. Hallie Chase says:

    Don’t know

  8. I Hassan says:

    I love this channel and I need to seriously get started in making the move. Im tired of the rat race and want to do a early retirement at 62.

  9. Sage -In says:

    Excellent discussion and so informative. I appreciate you.

  10. BeComing Nyrell says:

    Can we know more about this USAA banking and other banking or travel cards? Ik Adalia mentioned Fidelity and schwabb I think it was in a previous video?

  11. D Walker says:

    Good morning I missed the first part yesterday and wanted to get the rest of the information thank you

  12. Oprah Brigette says:

    I don't know who needs to hear this but stop saving all your money. Invest some of it if you want financial freedom.

  13. Mary Thomas says:

    Hi Stephanie, I am loving following you and this makes me want to move and live abroad. However, I am British, living in England and am not sure whether the same things apply to us here. Do you know anyone from Britain that does the same thing as you?

  14. Gab-reena Henry says:

    I wish I can move to mexico but don't have my papers . I am caribbean I have been living here for 20 years tired just had my 3 baby. Going through a lot . Need a change

  15. Greatful Thankful says:

    This is amazing! Thank you so much.

  16. richardburgie says:

    I stopped here for Wanda Sykes.

  17. Loretta Murray says:

    My apology for miss spelling her name

  18. Loretta Murray says:

    What area in Mexico does Adele live?

  19. R F says:

    I really think Costa Rica is a better fit for black people from the States and elsewhere than Mexico

  20. Alicia Hawkins says:

    My reductions will also include decreasing travel down to two trips a year. All travel funds will go to move abroad fund. Selling the car before moving which may give me a few dollars. Ultimately, deciding on selling the house which could be the fund itself depending on house value when I move.

  21. David Rubin says:

    Adalia a grandma? I don't believe it! You are both my heroes but I'm a fellow pessimist with Adalia regarding Amerika.

  22. herbert gautier says:

    I am a disabled veteran growing a family of children from single mothers in the Phillipines. There are mostly girls of 5 mothers; about 10 kids. I have bought and renovated 8 houses on 4 different islands. My goal is to educate the kids and prepare them for a prosperous future. I have no biological kids and have 3 daughters now. We are building a supportive community.

  23. hurdlesharon8187 says:

    How about a (sister) women travel group that includes financial housing and food and tours and repat?

  24. Tina Campbell says:

    I have no idea what it takes to travel but I would like to be ready properly budgeted to travel the summer of 2022 house sitting

  25. Sesame Frederick says:

    AND, (BW) divorced, now remarried to a WM, former TV Journalist and Lawyer, Starr Jones said years ago that black women do not support each other like white women do. This is true, but Starr has to realise that WHITE WOMEN HAVE MORE RESOURCES than black women. Even Cynthia G youtuber has said the same thing, "white women have more resources". This is a fact. I am not pro-black. I expanded my options decades ago when I left America with my US Passport in hand in the 1970s, young, black and childfree.

  26. Sesame Frederick says:

    The late American soprano, my favorite, (BW) cildfree, never married, Miss Jessye Norman traveled the world, but lived in upstate New York in her own big house! Sadly, she died early in life. I followed her career to the end.

  27. The People says:

    it's easy to help people that have money or a degree they don't start from from scratch but what about people who live pay check and or not in debt barely have 1000 saved

  28. Liz H says:

    I read Costa Rica is super expensive so Mexico is my retirement destination. By the way, Costa Rica elected their first black Vice President a few years ago. She is of Jamaican decent.

  29. Janice Mckinnie says:

    Time well spent! Thank you for an excellent discussion.

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