Hard Inquiry Removal | How to remove inquiries from credit report | Hard vs Soft

“Hard Inquiry Removal | How to remove inquiries from credit report | Hard vs Soft”

Are you wondering how to remove hard inquiries from credit report?

Allow me to enlighten you about hard inquiries really quick?

Hard inquiries are records of requests for a consumer’s credit report.

Each hard inquiry that hits your credit report can negatively impact your credit score 2-5 points up to 55 points total.

If your credit report has more than 11 inquiries within a 12 month cycle, that component of your credit score is maxed out and you MISS out on 55 points that your credit score could be up.

PLUS, if you have acquired 6-8 inquiries within a 6 month timeframe, lenders will sometimes deny you automatically for that reason alone.

These are the reasons why you need our INQUIRY REMOVAL SERVICE.

This video explains how to remove hard inquiries from your credit report, the ideal hard inquiry removal approach.

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41 Responses

  1. D Marie333 says:

    This is the best vid Ive found on inquiries by far! Thanks from new sub! ❤️

  2. Nathan Evans says:

    How the hell can someone have 200 inquiries GOD DAMN!!!

  3. Rosemary Maysonet says:

    good evening Mr. White do you have any sample letter for Hard Inquiry from credit report.

  4. Mr Mentor CreditJamz says:

    How do you remove them?

  5. Ricky Stupid says:

    what if creditor don't respond to the dispute letter?

  6. 1SwoleNole says:

    Hard Inquiries?? 2 Credit Cards yet 4 HARD INQUIRIES on Credit Report myFICO??!
    I Have A Question I Applied for the Capital One & Discover It Secured Cards on The same day (And got APPROVED) Back in May 2019, For my Re-build Credit Journey, I Thought I Was only going to get One or 2 Inquiries, Yet Upon Further Observation, I Noticed Capital One Pulled From All 3 bureaus Which gave me 3 Inquiries (1 Per bureau?!!) Discover Pulled from Only Experian and I Got 1 Inquiry (for Experian?!!) I'm Puzzled, because Technically, They Both Report to All 3 bureaus, so Why Did I Get 3 Hard Inquiries from Capital One?? How Is That Right?!,..I Should only Have Only 2 HARD Inquiries?,..Right?,..I Mean, I Only have 2 Credit cards, yet I Have 4 Inquiries To Date from Them?!! Hmmmm,..Hmmmmmm Whats Going On? Is This Right? So Every time I Apply for a Credit Card from Capital one, It's going to equal 3 HARD INQUIRIES??!!..That's Crazy??! I'm Puzzled?

  7. Marcio Guillen says:

    This guy just talks too much crap and doesn't even get to the point of the video on how to get them off…….

  8. Tonya Gorham says:


  9. salvaboricua says:

    just subscribed today and have a total of 75 inquiries between all three bureaus. I do have a lexis nexus and sage stream security freeze, so should make things easier. Will update with results.

  10. Wanda Reed says:


  11. max denswell says:

    I cleared all negative reports from my credit all thanks to a reputable consult who helped me improve my credit you can reach him on instagram Harryconsult_1

  12. Chloe Jones says:

    Want to get your bad credit report ? worry less with kelvin be sure of a positive feedbacks and results Hackaholic@yahoocom

  13. Ojamanhor Cornel says:

    You don’t need to worry about the hard enquires on your credit report, tophacker247 @gmailcom, gat the ultimate solution

  14. Vasiliy Titov says:

    communication line with representative follow up was pretty good and the cost of the funds in the interest-rate and the term were very satisfactory.i would recommend use them again by calling +13043620019.

  15. Quita Is Real says:

    You said its considered a hard inquiry when someone is trying to sue you and they are making sure they have the right person. You said its a hard inquiry because you didn't give them authorization to pull your credit… Isn't that considered as a soft inquiry?

  16. Kelly Patterson says:

    I recently purchased a car from a dealership and I authorized them to pull my credit once. Later I find out they had 10 to 12 different financial institutions pulling my credit and I was denied by more than half. Can I dispute these hard inquires even though I gave the dealership permission?

  17. Christopher Wiley says:


  18. Troy Renee Stephens says:

    Thank you Jason White

  19. Milira Jones says:


  20. Mzmika x says:


  21. Mario Whiteside says:

    I have 22 accounts each with student loans on all three credit bureaus. Thanks

  22. Mario Whiteside says:

    I have a total of 46 combined inquiries with all three credit bureaus. Your silver package is for me.

  23. Mario Whiteside says:

    I got to end my subscription with Lexington law this month.

  24. Mario Whiteside says:

    I will call you Monday

  25. Mario Whiteside says:


  26. Harold Gilmore says:

    I sent my dispute letter out 2 weeks ago ,i only had 5 inquiries and they all were taken off just last night i got the alert ,and the email. #HappyCamper so in a 2 week span i got a deragotory mark off my transunion report and 5 inquiries off my equifax . Im just waiting on the result from equifax because a fradulent student loan is the only thing on there .its the same one that i got removed off my transunion .. when that one come off im gonna be super happy!

  27. Eric Howard says:


  28. Earline Johnson says:


  29. VeganMicroFarm says:

    I had a response from the CRA that states your signature is not required to have Permissible Purpose. I believe it is their way to confuse consumers into believing the inquiry can't be removed and there is no documentation to prove authorization. BOA argued with me when my letter stated not to pull my credit and I had another hard inquiry a month later.. It got removed

  30. vertígo says:

    Do you remove them with a few days?

  31. jannette wood says:

    why did frontier internet check my credit?. It is listed as a HARD INQUIRY

  32. Pac Man says:

    What about when the CRAs respond to you but haven't removed anything, how do you respond back ?

  33. Clowbeats says:

    Hello Sir,how long is this process? And recommended time. I only have 5-7 hard inquiries i need removed.

  34. Jason White says:

    Need help fixing your credit? Check out our credit repair service here: https://pxlme.me/oeIFyvfe
    Interested in learning how to repair your own credit? Check out our courses here: https://pxlme.me/O-TF4O8-
    Join my Free Credit Master Class Here:

  35. J. Morris says:

    Great great info. I fell for the creditors mailing me pre approved solicitations and lost about fifty points two hard inquires. I wasnt strategic about applying. Lesson learned.

  36. LadyChristel says:


  37. Angel Ortiz says:


  38. Darrius Brown says:


  39. keyernest brown says:


  40. ltjenk75 says:


  41. Paul Anderson says:


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