Halloween Kills Ending Explained

It’s nearly Halloween, and you know what that means: It’s once again time for the residents of Haddonfield to try and fail to kill Michael Myers.

Halloween Kills, which is the twelfth movie in the franchise that first began in 1978, releases on Peacock Premium and is in theaters today. The slasher flick serves as a direct sequel to the 2018 film Halloween, and sees the return of many cast members from the original 1978 movie directed by John Carpenter. Jamie Lee Curtis is back as Laurie Strode, while Judy Greer plays Laurie’s daughter Karen, and Andi Matichak plays Laurie’s granddaughter Allyson.

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2:53 Ending Explained

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42 Responses

  1. Wholsome Awakened says:

    Aww shit here we go again

  2. NPC J says:

    I don't get why this movie is considered decent…At every turn when they know he keeps coming back to life they'd just stop and allow him to come back. Encase him in concrete and call it a day.

  3. LivanaFaolan says:

    So the deaths of Tommy Doyle and Lee Brackett aren't considered to be "big ones," NisPlix?

  4. stone head says:

    They need to call Jason Voorhees to kill this guy lol

  5. Jeremy Horne says:

    Pathetic franchise, I can just about believe that a human being can survive six gun shot wounds depending on where they land but this is laughable, he is a mortal human being and can be killed by gun or knife anyway at all. The franchise exists because the greedy bastards are out to make as much money as possible.

  6. Steve Frank says:

    Michael only got hit by 3 bullets. two of them were arm shots.

  7. Anonymous says:

    In this movie I really liked Karen and Cameron and it was so sad to see Cameron die and I really hope that they bring Karen back for the final showdown with her mom and her daughter

  8. Denver Miner says:

    The ending of the movie is symbolic.
    When Karen returned to the Myers house, she sees little Michael in the Window (hints that she’s losing her mind). She goes to the window in Judith’s room and looks out of it just like Michael did. Takes a deep breath in and opens her eyes and NOW she’s become Michael Myers. Her death scene symbolizes that her personality is gone and she is no longer herself. Which yes, it is absolutely ridiculous! But with how bad this movie was, I wouldn’t be surprised if they went that route with the plot. Remember, the end of Halloween 4 pretty much did the exact same twist.
    Michael actually died at the scene. Karen killed everyone! Not Michael.
    Get ready everyone! We’re about to see a serial killer NAMED KAREN!!!!! I put money on this theory.

  9. Thomas Holt says:

    It's time for Laurie to kill Michael for good it' should be brutal

  10. MORTIZ Ignacio says:

    The ending was restarted as hell

  11. Nicholas Padilla says:

    When will you learn, you have to take the head off, hacksaw, chainsaw, hell even using the claw of the hammer just remove the head or destroy the brain

  12. Abigail Parker says:

    michael was the absolute scariest this film. the head turns whenever he was being provoked? the brutal gore with his kills. the way he’d set people up together after their deaths? not to mention making the wife of the husband he killed watch him stab every knife into his chest while she’s bleeding out??? i mean ??? no mercy whatsoever. idk why people hated it it genuinely showed the mind of the killer and how his actions affected the citizens of haddonfield. mentally even. he showed his anger of the town trying to erase him during his sprees. i saw the film twice and theater and honestly would go again if given the opportunity. i don’t understand why it’s hated as much as it is. it was incredible to watch during this halloween season.

  13. Adam Turner says:

    Saw it twice. It's great. So many awesome moments.

  14. John Lenon says:

    Movie is okay, but nothing really special in my opinion. I'm not even sure if it's worth going to theatre to see this. We'll see what else they can come up with in a few years time in 'Halloween ends'.

  15. Maddux Bowman says:

    i swear half the ppl in this comment section are retarded. they don’t know this franchise smh

  16. space__cowboah says:

    I might be in the minority, but I actually enjoyed this sequel a bit more than Halloween 2018. The juxtaposition and overall plot was less corny/cliché and Michael felt like an actual force of nature. Where In 2018 everything was coincidental and forced by Sartain, this movie felt more like a brutal retread of the original with Michael being tied to his childhood home for whatever nefarious reason. The final shot of him standing in his sister's bedroom is the most badass and disturbing he's ever looked in media. Don't get me wrong, most of the characters in this movie were complete idiots, borderline comedic, but I went to the theaters rooting for Myers and expecting the movie title to live up to it's name. Boy was I satisfied. I still have mixed feelings about him basically being immortal again though, let's see how the last film in this trilogy wraps it up. I don't want a repeat of the cult stuff.

  17. Gemini 524 says:

    I thought tommy was gonna swing ol huckleberry and make Michael say night night lol.

  18. JMelo Arts says:

    Why the hell isn’t nobody talking about how in the end when he stares at home self you can clearly see he has demonic eyes and his mask looks like it resembles a skull like figure he clearly isn’t human and the reflection does not look like a human face

  19. Tyler Stasiewski says:

    What if They Destroy the Myers house Burn it down or something That’s where Michael goes After he kills if it’s no longer there what does he do

  20. k says:

    Nobody thought of amputation at least a leg or two? Then the arms?

  21. Invincible Young Empire says:

    The movie kept us intrigued but it did feel like it was some misses in the movie that felt flat. They surely did make seem more slashy this go around and made Michael more menacing but if Karen is dead, yea this franchise isn't over just yet.

  22. Saul Munoz says:

    What i'm wondering is, what does karen see in myers window before going up, I think i saw a women standing there not quite sure.

  23. Richard Schiller says:

    It was shitty because the only way to kill was always throat slash. It is also a shitty movie because it shows you how Halloween cannot be killed by 90 baseball bats (only one gun to never machine gun his body to mush). Doesnt it become clear when viewers are milked for money by a writer who defines SOMEONE WHO CANT BE KILLED as being SOMEONE the writer simply chooses cannot be written off and so simply avoids all the ways possibly to kill him. I mean get real, okay he is not burned by fire nor melted by acid, but how can 900 bullets going thru him from a safe distance not mush his body up into jelly blasted to pieces and he goes on to live when the child picks up the mask and puts it on. Pretty good at better endings aint i.

  24. André Rivera says:

    Yea Laurie strode is gonna go crazy in the next one !!!

  25. KJGAMINGXG says:

    I went to movie in theater and seen halloween kills

  26. Amy T says:

    Why did Karen go back into Michael's house? You think she'd want to stay away.

  27. LoudTasTe104 says:

    I know the movie is getting mixed reactions but I really enjoyed this movie I saw it with some friends and family and the movie theater was pack and it was fun hearing others reaction to the movie

  28. LoudTasTe104 says:

    I was so sad when Tommy died

  29. NYKgjl10 says:

    I liked this film better than the 2018 version and Myers rampage was on full display and less annoying characters in this new film which is a major plus.

  30. The Seeker says:

    The gang are morons! They just beat up Michael and clear off??? Should have tied him up! and witness him being burnt completely? to make sure so it’s a pretty dumb move!

  31. Thomas the weird train says:

    “It’s gonna take more then one or two OR THREE hits to take the man down” I mean I wouldn’t stabbed him in the brain or something

  32. M V says:

    Does anyone know what happened to Laurie’s son, John Tate? From Halloween H20 Laurie had changed her name and she had John.
    Did he die eventually?

  33. Klinkle says:

    Ummm, you don’t accidentally kill someone in cold blood.


    This movie is hot garbage

  35. Skeiv says:

    Wait Karen died?

  36. Dom_ Bak651 says:

    I absolutely enjoyed this one, but 2018 was better.

  37. AGENT SMITH says:

    You would think after 40 years, they would know Michael never stays down when he's down.

  38. Harrison Priest says:

    4:06 was that Judith's ghost?

  39. Redmist 2004 says:

    They should have brought more guns like a Barrett 50 cal, FN five seven, 308 AR15, a beretta ARX with a 40mm grenade launcher, an automatic shotgun with dragon breath rounds, C4 and set claymore mines that are the tools needed to kill Michael Myers

  40. jeremy mayhew says:

    I was expecting some insight here, not just a play by play.

  41. Bring back Myspace says:

    Who stabs someone they KNOW can't die with a pitchfork and then DOESN'T cut his fucking head off just to make sure??!!

  42. DoberBean says:

    This is so unbelievably bad, they're milking this so much "He will die tonight " "it ends now" "he's dead" and the ending is the worst

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