Graham-Cassidy: The Latest TrumpCare Fail

Senators Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy are two peas in a party that can’t pass health care reform.

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32 Responses

  1. Diego Silerio says:


  2. Silly Ivan says:

    That woman dying in the audience killed me

  3. Pushing Rocks says:

    Green hill zone at 3:30

  4. LackofEthics says:

    "Pranked ya" – Kim Jong Un

  5. Reuben Pearson says:

    flag farmer relation boss Catholic Democrat those agency atmosphere producer Soviet year

  6. Nik110512 says:

    why does a sitting president get his security briefing from Fox News? how does anyone think this is a normal situation?

  7. TheFrozenfish says:

    Pesky loud lady in the audience is highly annoying.

  8. Mike A says:

    As much as i dislike this turd of a president, he essentially is the epitome of what the USA has become. Strictly business, self-centered, greedy, STUPID and completely fake/materialistic. With that being said, he really is the perfect president for this country.

  9. Tucker Bowen says:

    GOP's repeal plan, Trump's travel ban, and Kenny McCormick: things that just won't stay dead

  10. Benjamin Sherman says:

    LOL! so funny… that woman in the audience thinks so too.

  11. Hussein Jafarinia says:

    I'm an Iranian and WE ARE NOT YOUR ENEMIES. I don't like these hateful words about each other. I'm sure that the majority of my country like my Iran to be friends to America. If there are some people at our television and streets that say "Death to America" they are not majority and most people of my country are ashamed of that.

  12. Audrey says:

    Wait hasnt he used Staci with an "i" before?

  13. Kenyana Secrease says:

    The guy who always laughs at the piano is annoying af

  14. TeamAllGamersForever says:


    Make Temper Tantrums Great Again!

  15. Mares Fillies says:

    Stephen is such a savage nowadays. xD

  16. Daniel Alberto Becerra says:

    Why Baptiste plays the Green Hill song from Sonic The hedgehog?? Jaja. Right at 3:31

  17. Frederick Martinez says:

    Fuck you Stephen Colbert

  18. Anonymous Monkey says:

    It's like the transformer movies. they're still trying to bring in more, for goodness sake just let it die already.

  19. No one Important says:

    You don't have the votes
    You don't have the votes
    -T.J. (Daveed Digs)

  20. lucyrosepetal says:

    he's not funny period.

  21. Nosraceroom says:

    Wow I'm really glad their cracking down on all those north korean tourists they get

  22. Divine says:

    That hyena legit ruined my experience watching the video. X'ing out at 3 minutes.

  23. Lusahira S says:

    I really like John's suit today. He's rocking that red!

  24. Zasslean says:

    999 Comments . . . now 1000 comments, I feel better now

  25. Wunderhaus spielt Videospiele says:

    Jon Batiste playing that Green Hill Zone groove at 3:30

  26. President Oso says:

    Kaepernick For President 2017! Trump For Looney Bin 2017!
    Check out my President In Prison cartoon and laugh at the crazy man in the White House!

  27. DaerMaensch says:

    Batiste playing the green hill zone theme from sonic <3

  28. Capri Mikey says:

    That lady's laugh is amazing. Lmao. I love people with happy laughs like that.

  29. Phil Buckhouse says:

    Didn't Trump say during the campaign he'd repeal Obamacare within a month? And now is this the third time an Obamacare repeal has failed? Hmm…

  30. narpies gallo says:

    mitt romeny started this his state has ACA and it works and he's a republican't

  31. MercSet1 says:

    They're NEVER going to stop trying to take away health care. It is and will be an obsession. Every conservative party around the world keeps trying to repeal their own countries health care. The main difference is between USA and them is simply. Any non USA conservative that's tried or even talked about taking away health care had been tarred and feathered out of office. They will continue to waste legislative time and effort trying to kill American citizens, until you vote them out of office. This will continue to happen as long as the american voter keeps voting against their own economical interest for the sake of racial castes

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