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The Costa Show

November 5, 2021

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15 Responses

  1. Wahday Juaquee says:

    Why up can't build their own office. They be around long time. I don't understand us mehn.

  2. Bacchus Matthews says:

    An educated halfwit you are Henry………..

  3. Bacchus Matthews says:

    He who's guilty has much to say………..

  4. Bacchus Matthews says:

    Educated mooncalf you are Henry……

  5. Bacchus Matthews says:

    I wouldn't say you won't be President for Liberia but if you do I'll definitely get you out of power the same day…………

  6. Bacchus Matthews says:

    Even in the great United States people gets killed everyday…….

  7. Bacchus Matthews says:

    You went back to Liberia at that time because there was no charges against you peking

  8. Bacchus Matthews says:

    Who are u to always demands what the Liberian people want?…..I do understand that you are entitled to ya opinion…..

  9. Bacchus Matthews says:

    Nobody will kill themselves cuz of you becoming President….Myself will definitely get you out of Power…..

  10. Bacchus Matthews says:

    Henry always contradicting himself……….Educated fool………

  11. Bacchus Matthews says:

    Confused big Peking

  12. Bacchus Matthews says:

    I can remembered years back when Henry said JNB was a old tribalistic man………Henry said a lot of stupid stuffs about JNB…..

  13. Bacchus Matthews says:

    Henry wants JNB to become President so badly because when Mr. Weah win for 2nd terms Henry won't be able to go back to Liberia anytime soon……

  14. Pastor. Kortu M Ndebe says:

    But is there no more laws in the land? Where in the world a step-grandfather would have administrative rights over a property and not the biological child/children?

  15. Pastor. Kortu M Ndebe says:

    Too much and long explanation on this one property, we are not interested in the history bla bla bla. UP is indebted to their landlords and that's nothing strange in that for all this long long stories.

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