Good Morning San Antonio : Aug 20, 2021

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2 Responses

  1. Dianna Skare says:

    I love that the Court is WORKING WiTH these young people> Detention Centers are Usually a Highway to Prison! There are Far more "Profits" in Investing in Human Beings who MAKE A MISTAKE with REHABILITATION and Community Service than the "Vigilante Punishment" Of Caging For-Profits. What IS Justice when CAGING for Most Offenses!
    I wonder why so many of these young people are driving without a license>? Is it the Pandemic and Shut-Downs?? Are they having to drive to help care for younger siblings> To Work>?? Just wondering if some had Few Options in the Scheme of things!?

  2. wesley rodgers says:

    Hi to my aunt in China grove. Happy returns.

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