GMSA Weekends : Nov 20, 2021

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4 Responses

  1. Pt Pt says:

    Mostly mainstream propaganda lies

  2. Nobody Here says:

    Divide and conquer is the name of the game. Mass Confusion is the tool being used herd the masses. If you want a Medical second opinion you now have to leave the country. When you go into the doctors office and give them your birthday and social security number two things happen. First of all your medical records pop up because now they're on a central database. So whether you went to a quack or not everything is there. The second thing that happens is how much money you owe and your credit score popps up.. So your medical treatment is basced on your credit score. You can thank Hillary and Obama and that bunch for that. Hillary & Michelle Obama parents paid their bills(of course saints in their eyes). So they feel that this gives them the right to use the medical system to kill people who don't or can't pay their bills. If a white man gave all the black people a free cell phones they would have been suspicious especially when all the pay phones started disappearing. (Try and find one) Check out what's going on in China…. that's where we're being herded like cattle
    They gave all the poor health insurance not to help them, but so the medical industry can make money off of them. This was their answer to high medical costs…
    New World Order here we come. Now if we can just get rid of that pesky cash.
    This is why I'm a registered independent. The right in the left are in bed together their just trying to decide who's going to be on top.
    Trump wasn't trying to drain the swamp. He was simply redecorating.
    If you want to drain the swamp you have to do it from the bottom. Our forefathers when they wrote the Constitution. They wrote it in such a way that this country can be ruled from the bottom up. If every state passes the same law then it is the law of the land. And the only people who can override that law is the Supreme Court. They and their families has to live among us. If every state passes the same law then it is a Unity law.
    The first Unity law that should be passed is attendance requirements for Congress. A couple of thousand students go to Washington every year to see our government in action. Congress is in session and nobody's there. Senators and representatives should be required to meet a 90% attendance rate. These people are not important enough to be impeached. They should get R&R. Recalled and Replaced.
    Every States has the right replace certain restrictions on their senators and representatives just as corporations have the right you have a moral clause.
    The second Unity law that should be passed is Lobby restrictions.
    If someone wants to Lobby Congress it should only be allowed to be done on the floor Congress. You want the lobby representative you do it on the floor of the house. If you want the lobbyists senator you do it on the floor of the Senate. This makes it easier you get rid of crooked politicians. With multi media this campaign can easily go Nationwide. …. A man who picks his banner up and gets these Unity laws passed. Will be the next president because the people will be behind him…

  3. LightInOut Eugene says:


  4. AngelaTiffany Rogers says:

    Please keep me in your prayers. I’m losing everything over not getting the vaccine. Thanksgiving is going to be hard this year. I’m struggling. Facing eviction. It’s only because of the kindness of strangers we still have our home. I’m a single mother with two autistic children. I was fired from my job of 13 years for not getting the vaccine I refused it because of my pre existing health conditions. I have lupus I’m in pain and take so many medications. I don’t know how I’m going to support my children. But I know God will provide. My own family has turned against me over my decision. I feel so alone. Please pray for my family

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