Global Hope Forum; push for DC voting bill; Ben Crump talks SC case

10.19.21 #RolandMartinUnfiltered: Global Hope Forum; push for DC voting bill; Ben Crump talks SC case

As the Senate is getting ready to vote on the Freedom to Vote Act, the voting rights bill the Republicans are promising to filibuster tomorrow, folks flocked to the White House to demand Congress pass the legislation. Pastor Jamal Bryant, who was at today’s protest, will join us as well as Pennsylvania’s House Minority Leader pushing for the federal law to help ease voting restrictions across the country.

In Tennessee, a white juvenile court judge jailed kids under 12 for a nonexistent law. The co-founder of a Nashville Civil Rights Group and a Black juvenile judge will be here to tell us how this happened and the ramifications of putting children that young in juvenile detention.

The family of a South Carolina black man who died while in custody in the Charleston County jail is demanding criminal charges for those responsible for killing Jamal Sutherland.

A Virginia man shot by a sheriff’s deputy shot is suing the department for $14-million.

Elijah McClain’s family settles its federal lawsuit with the city of Aurora for his death.

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8 Responses

  1. Stephen Mills says:

    Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today..

  2. siriuslyspeaking says:

    What about Black financial institutions advertising themselves? What about them coming before us and telling us how they would handle more business from us? Will they be able to take a greater risk on loans than do other institutions? Should we expect them to? Isn't all this money going to Black businesses just another form of tickle -down economics? Even to give HBCU'S more money, when the schools that feed them, sends them poor students, is unproductive trickle-down economics? If we are supposed to be in a holistic mode, in terms of approaching our problems, prerequisites must be a priority. Culture, parenting, and education, have to be addressed, in a systematic manner. Martin and others acknowledges that we need a systemic approach, even if they says it another way. Martin spoke about the mindset we operate in. That is a culture issue. We are a loosely affiliated group of subcultures, united only by a common oppressor and form of oppression. Arguably we have no self affirmed identity. We lost that with enslavement. We have to be willing to look at things differently. We have to be willing to dare ask new or different questions about ourselves, and what we have been doing. We could use an emergency test of out ability to unite – to act as a functional group, around one problem/issue, and at least on, some basic fundamental level.

    We don't all agree to the degree we should value our lives, in spite of us proclaiming to the world, they matter – period! Many of us no longer want us to speak of us killing one another, which is how we long ago started referring to it, with the phrase 'Black on Black crime'. The late Congressmen from Md., Parren J. Mitchell in the 70's, coined the slogan 'Us Killing Us Equals Genocide' to warn us of the harm it does to us. I'm sure most remember the 'Stop The Violence' campaign or movement Hip-Hop lead in the 80's. Today however many of our intellectuals and people a part of Hip-Hop, discourages us from speaking out against this self-destruction. They say "it is not a thing" – "people kill people they live near" – "no other group talks about killing one another". How can we make this 180 degree shift concerning the value we place on our lives, and there not be a major discussion of something so fundamental and serious? This is a sign of our dysfunction.

    Everyone sees suicide and fratricide as even a greater wrong or harm, than homicide committed by a stranger, or even random crimes of passion, between those who know each other – as if homicide itself is not enough of a harm. I won't even go into all the other reasons, this new dismissive attitude many of us now exhibit, makes no sense. This problem – along with drugs has decimated, so many of our communities, over the past more than half century, and we still won't except the responsibility to end it.

    This should be the first item on any true 'Black Agenda" or emergency test of our ability to unite, but it obviously seems too complex and difficult for us. We seem to all be in agreement that what opposes us comes in a structured and systemic form. Doesn't our response at the least, have to be coordinated? A true Black agenda – a list of things for every Black person, to work on individually and collectively, with each other, and as a group, would be a commensurate response to what opposes us. We keep talking around it, but we need to face it and do it.

    First a call must officially go out, that this is our plan, as a group, and that we are asking for all of us, to be a part of it. The masses of us will determine its success or failure. The masses have never been included /involved in previous efforts, in a coordinated way, on a nationwide level. This may be what is needed – the game-changer, that sets us on the right path, to real advancement and change. If not this way how do any of you see any other way working? The rhetoric concerning change, is unchanged from decades long past. What makes us think the masses of us will respond any differently?

  3. Markeisha Ealey says:

    Is there not a judicial system that regulates these small county judges and hold them accountable for egregious acts like this????

  4. FBA Rod says:

    Y'all still out here caping for voting when neither party is showing you, especially the demoncrats , that they don't give a d**n about black folks. They use you as a tie breaker and to get legislation and laws passed for other groups. Get off the pla******n!

  5. Army Mom says:

    The Power the Vote is a Great Tool, but it doesn't help the people that's Jailed Unjustly.

  6. Army Mom says:

    Please Explain to me, how this got pass the NAACP, and other Activists?

  7. James Young says:

    Republicans won't stop the Orange man cos they are the orangeman. They are who he is deplorables

  8. Don Knotts says:

    Democrats have to find ways to cheat that's only way they can win

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