Ghislaine Maxwell Talks Plea Deal, Cop Predicts How Brian Laundrie Died, Alec Baldwins 1st Interview

Ghislain Maxwell appeared in court today and spoke for the first time about a plea deal. Sarasota cop predicts how Brian Laundrie Died. Alec Baldwin gives his first interview since the tragic on set accident that left Halyna Hutchins dead. President Joe Biden fell asleep today at the Climate Change Conference, Chris Pratt replace Bill Murray in Garfield, and was Jsabs stalking Anthony over the weekend?
#GhislaineMaxwell #BrianLaundrie #AlecBaldwin

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38 Responses

  1. Tiffiny Kersh says:

    No his uncle is his dentist

  2. Suzanne Vivino says:

    When human remains or a suspected burial are found, forensic anthropologists are called upon to gather information from the bones and their recovery context to determine who died, how they died, and how long ago they died. Forensic anthropologists specialize in analyzing hard tissues such as bones.

  3. ed e says:

    Frank …Obiden had to change his poop suit and he's always late for every meeting and Not prepared ! Give up on politics you don't know shit and Bootieboy Head of Transportation took 90 day Paternity leave during the worst suppjy chain disaster horrible record in Indy prior too

  4. Tammy Dillard says:

    Why does people like crazy, psychotic lying conman? Tucker, trump, Cruz, McConnell, Cotton and others.

  5. annette woodham says:

    I don't like that song and can not stand Elton John

  6. Shelly Gambino says:

    Philosophers Stone

  7. Shelly Gambino says:


  8. Shelly Gambino says:


  9. Shelly Gambino says:

    Melania is Beautiful

  10. Shelly Gambino says:


  11. Shelly Gambino says:


  12. Merilly Hughes says:

    I still think we need to do some homework on the PARENTS as it was said his mother worked as a DA……….SACRIFICE COMES TO MIND,OR A MASSIVE COVERUP. ALEGEDLY……………LOL STILL BLOODY SAD. RIP.

  13. Krystle Fox says:

    I agree with Anthony in regard Alec's wife. When I saw her on that video, I thought the same. Like she was trying to steal the show. It's not about her. She's a bitch.

  14. head in the clouds 33 says:

    Into the mystic is my favorite!! Love Van Morrison

  15. Gøy med Hund says:

    Find the other woman that worked with epstein and maxwell as well..Rachel Chandler she needs to be in jail with maxwell too..

  16. Byrd061 says:

    Another great show guys! Sorry you didn't see my General Rodriguez vision lol…

  17. Reina Oro says:


  18. Deborah Dalton says:

    Hilaria Baldwin- she also kept interrupting him when he was trying to answer. At least twice he had to tell her he would handle it. Also I noticed she forgot her fake Spanish accent for a bit.

  19. Jeanne Muller says:

    It’s Goldberg’s

  20. Mel e says:

    I say 'buddha-jij' lol

  21. Katherine Toon says:

    Use medium roast with a tsp of real cacao it. Get the full benefits.

  22. Katherine Toon says:

    Dark roast is just burnt coffee beans.

  23. Katherine Toon says:

    Lol. You two crack me up.

  24. Katherine Toon says:

    These ridiculous trials occur when the defendants have unlimited funds to fight with. If she was male, black, and poor, it would be over in a new York minute.

  25. Herself11 says:

    Anthony's laugh is like a breath of fresh air.

  26. janee says:

    Hes much better with his cpap, and his speed pills

  27. janee says:

    My hubbs fell asleep ALL THE TIME AT ANYONES HOME….he was diagnosed with SEVERE sleep apnea and a form of the " fall asleep" anywhere cond.

  28. Jeff Clark says:

    He pointed it at another human being you guys must not know gun safety whatsoever you don’t point a gun at another human being

  29. Renny Sherrow says:

    Van reigns Supreme with me as well. Into the Mystic at my funeral. ⛵

  30. Jeff Clark says:

    This whole brian case is nothing but a Hollywood staged event to keep the eye off the collapse especially where you live in New York and around the world it’s just a distraction for you to talk about the soap opera that we live in

  31. Moira Jilani says:

    A psychic lady I listen to on youtube called it before we knew he was dead…she said he slashed his wrist with in 2 days of being out in the elements and that he couldn't live with himself knowing what he had done to the love of his life…either way…glad he is gone!!!!

  32. Petra S says:

    “Cop predicts how Brian Laundrie died” sorry guys but based on the info provided in the show (suicide) I consider the header click bait.

  33. brian sanders says:

    If I’m EVER found dead on a jogging trail- just KNOW. I was murdered elsewhere and dumped there … just sayin

  34. David Cook says:

    Is that boring or what?

  35. Stephanie Soressi says:

    If I ever go missing, don't send FL LE to find me. Send Mr. & Mrs. Laindrie.

  36. JaguarsHooligan says:

    Forensic Anthropologist think Kathy Reich (Bones). They can look for tool marks or animal marks on bone and recreate likeness for pictures (identifying) using the skull with modeling clay at correct depth based on approximate measurements for gender, ethnicity, etc.

  37. Herself11 says:

    Great show

  38. Beth Adams says:

    Do you think he would use a gun?? Im guessing this coward od’d

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