Brian the credit lawyer has been successful in suing credit bureaus for incorrectly reporting negative items on your credit report. Not only will Brian get negative items deleted from your credit report but he can get you paid in the process.


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22 Responses

  1. Aa Aa says:

    It's funny because your rights are violated when there's something called credit scores/ credit bureau dictating how you should live your life. This is how they keep the population into slavery and in debt. Your score go down DRASTICALLY when you closed your account, when you missed a payment and when you choose not to be in debt by not having any credit card or such. When you make ontime payment your credit scores go up SLOWLY by few points. And the fraud is keep on giving. The sooner the massive realize what is taking place the better it will be for the society.

  2. Skillet 30 says:

    Great content sis!
    I’m a big fan of Mr. Ponder as well.

  3. GT 4real says:

    Thank you sister

  4. Dy Cr says:

    That was terrible the man kept getting interrupted!!!

  5. Khalil El says:

    Susie may sexy as F@$!

  6. Mr. myfb says:

    Does he have a number i can call

  7. King Mossiah says:

    How is bryan track record guys/ladies??Im just now stumbling on this video. And i want to contact him….this vid was published 2yrs ago.

  8. HHO Sailing says:

    I have legal documents from the county clerks that says the so called, "claimed debt" from the creditor on my credit file has been dismissed. I called several times to each credit bureaus and also sent several certified letters to them for this removal. Each time i contacted the creddit bureaus they would say its not in the protocol to use info from tbe county clerks of courts but will only refer to my creditors for their reporting, which is not correct. This ordeal has been stressing me out, restricted of me renting an apartment, and limited my opportunities. Can u help?….

  9. Muriel Williams says:

    I some things deleted but a new collection showed up on Cr saying I am in collections Gold code D for a huge amount I don’t recognize

  10. Remy_85 Martin says:

    How do i get in touch with him i NEED his help asap please e-mail me

  11. cookieDaXapper says:

    Thank you for this, will share, continually. PEACE, and God bless, and increase!

  12. funkymonk7 says:

    Has anyone used this dude yet? Sent my credit reports yesterday to his email and waiting to hear back.

  13. Detroit Ruffin says:

    If black people stop buying dumb shit and stop making unwanted kids they would be doing a lot better.

  14. Bossy Bossy says:

    I am Currently repairing my credit still my score went up but not much….I need help

  15. Sator says:

    Hey Boyce Watkins I need to be on your platform I have a great carpet cleaning business $20 / bedroom in Metro Atlanta area 678-973-5671 also Brian I will be contacting you soon


    Very interesting. I wonder if he is for hire.

  17. Na'ar Ahrayah says:


  18. BENvision says:

    What about Child Support reporting in multiple states for 1 case

  19. Anthony Henderson says:


  20. Nathaniel Walters says:

    I have about 3 negative items on my credit report. Which I've trying to get removed, which has been a mission. If a student loan is about 7 years in FL, can they can be removed?

  21. Sting says:

    Why not just put his information in the description box?

  22. Sting says:

    What about when you have no credit history but are working on building some credit; can I get paid for that?

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