Get Better Business Loans by Improving Personal Credit

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Getting approved for Business Loans can involve a personal credit check. But what do you do if your personal credit is damaged? If you want to get the best terms, you have to work on improving your personal credit. In this training we breakdown your options for business financing even with damaged credit plus we give you over 10 tips to improve your personal credit!

Key Moments:
0:00 – Intro
0:56 – Creating a Plan to Get Fundable!
1:50 – Tips to Clean Up Your Personal Credit
3:14 – Building Your Personal Credit
3:47 – Managing Credit Utilization
5:46 – The Impact of Installment Loans
6:27 – Length of Credit History
7:45 – Mix of Credit Accounts
8:44 – How Inquiries Impact Personal Credit
9:57 – Exploring Your Options for Funding
10:35 – Build Business Credit

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Credit Suite provides industry leading software and support to empower you to Improve Fundability, Build Business Credit, and Find Business Financing. Let us show you how our powerful software and world class support can expedite the process to finding the perfect funding for your business!

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if you dispute something on your credit report

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  1. Chesdon Lee says:

    Bought the service but was disappointed, been trying to contact their team but they keep telling me their billing team is going to contact me but never has. Lost a lot of trust, just want my money back.

  2. Phedeline St Felix says:

    I love this channel

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