GBI: Georgia Tech student shot, killed by officer on campus

Scout Schultz was the head of the school’s LGBTQ organization.


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14 Responses

  1. John Bernard says:

    And another one. Items the dust!

  2. Tv S says:

    Is this what are society has come to? With all the methods the police officers have to control a situation, they chose to kill this student? Sorry, no way this is justified. If this is justified, we're all police targets, every one of us.

  3. Chief Bigstick says:

    it/she/he won the prize for breaking the 21foot rule. PLAY STUPID GAMES, WIN STUPID PRIZES

  4. Kenguru Safari says:

    This is what chemtrails does to your brains

  5. DOOMJESUS says:

    futile lives matter.

  6. Sunnzo says:

    Completely justified.

  7. GALACTIC RlG says:

    " SHITHEAD "

  8. The Devil's Advocate says:

    Nobody wants to hurt you, yeah right

  9. Utmost Tfm says:

    Shoot to kill.. murderers. Don't they have tazers pepper spray. The dude has a supposed knife not much u can do from 15 feet away unless ur a some pro knife thrower. Cops are out of control. Shoot first. Ask no questions later. Who cares right. Pussy cops have no spine

  10. Shaun Moor says:

    I find it justifiable, however they could have used a tazer in that situation. Wonder if BLM will March for this kid?

  11. Utmost Tfm says:

    Real nice guy reading the story off his phone.. great journalist

  12. jascham77 says:

    this is more of an execution …..american cops are such pathetic pussies that arent fit for purpose ,uk police would have dealt with this guy easy with 4 officers surroundin him and against a dweeby lookin guy with his pen knife…
    fkin hell … a taser or 2 beyond them to put the guy down and deal with the situation where every1 goes home to bed….he was clearly troubled in this moment,but no need to kill him with deadly excessive force..shoot his legs out from him if abs neccessary..
    ..trigger happy mfs deserve the riots and payback thats comin to them …. when is enough too much ?

  13. Iulian Botan says:

    Why a firearm should be used, there were four armed and prepared officers to fight against a mentally unstable person. That person needed help not to be shot, was not that another solution? Shame US Police.

  14. Philip Lawrence says:

    Clear cut case of suicide-by-cop. Schultz wanted to die or Schultz would've dropped the knife when ordered to do so.

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