GABBY'S CORONER'S REPORT from Teton County, The Search Continues for Brian

Today the Grand Teton County held a press conference sharing new information involving Gabby Petito’s autopsy. The search for Brian Laundrie continues.

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22 Responses

  1. Turid Kjønvik says:

    In Norway,Its 09:00 on Monday morning and a stormy day

  2. Turid Kjønvik says:

    Watching from Norway

  3. mary ellen mcnash says:

    Greenwood, SC

  4. Awilda Torres says:

    Watching from Queens pNew York

  5. Babyglibra todd says:

    Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord

  6. Babyglibra todd says:

    Dallas texas

  7. Mars Green says:

    If there was a loving god, these things wouldn’t happen !
    And the free will thing, proves god is a poor creator !
    My dog could have done better!

  8. Carole A Rothe Lilly says:

    Bite marks on the inner arms and wrists happen when the victim being choked bites the abuser to get them off of them!

  9. Jaynee Jones says:

    What if Brian wore the Apple Watch? The watch itself cannot determine who is wearing it. Therefore is it fair to assume that if Brian were wearing it after she was murdered the watch would be recording his pulse, steps, etc??? So that it looks like she is still alive in order to mess the timeline. Hmmm-

  10. Jaynee Jones says:

    The reason the Feds haven’t charged Brian with murder yet is because defendants have the right to a speedy trial. The Feds have to carefully compile all the evidence beyond a reasonable doubt and anticipate the defense. There is a time limit on how long you can hold someone until trial. Obviously he’s a flight risk – no bail.

  11. Susan Fitch says:

    The ATrail starts in Maine

  12. nikki mclay says:

    they were back on the 8 th not 11 th from Fort de soto

  13. nikki mclay says:

    Brianna nickname from Gabbys dad

  14. nikki mclay says:

    that $200 was setting up an alibi already discussed weeks ago

  15. nikki mclay says:

    BS theory from LE guy

  16. nikki mclay says:

    such stupid comments pizza code for help wtf ? she spoke to him for ages she was alone on 21 st

  17. nikki mclay says:

    nope she didnt tell her parents abput a possible break up

  18. rAydee B says:

    On the first police body cam footage when gabby is sat in the police car, the officer asks what was all the slapping about, u see gabby point her finger out toward Brian,when her hands are on her lap, it happens real quick, gave me the feeling she was trying to give a signal to the officers

  19. Dawo Daacad says:


  20. catman1199 says:

    God. Jesus, and holy spirit cometh of the light, and of them Angels, Gabby's witness reunited w, her grandma… loves her mom and father, her lost child, Sean … remain in God, Jesus word, ye all rejoice, Gabby RIP.

  21. Frankie Seitz says:


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