#GabbyPetito has been recovered. where is #BrianLaundrie?, #BillCannon, #PhilGrimaldi, real crime

Gabby Petito has been recovered, where does the investigation go from here. Where is her fiance Brian Laundrie? #BillCannon, #PhilGrimaldi. The identification is pending autopsy and forensic identification.


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  1. Catherine Jones says:

    Permission to drive her car ends when she is no longer able to give him permission. Permission is not one time, good forever.

  2. Victoria Greyh says:

    Ok gentlemen, first… He didn't oft himself. If he did, his parents are so lame they would be screaming their heads off. Remember the mustang, it was a ruse. The parents left a note for him to not harm himself. It was planned that way. They knew right where that car was. It's a fake search… They ( the family) pointed it out and at the taxpayers expense, the law goes all out. This gave Brisn and parents time to stash Brian away from prying eyes. No parent would allow that girl to be absent on return without getting the facts. No one I have three sons. Vid make my son face the music. If still love him, but make him face the music.
    These parents are playing the news, the cops, and the public.
    This girl was murdered, to say nothing is morally reprehensible. It is immoral.

  3. Louise Harraway says:

    why were they videoing it. but its great that they did.

  4. Louise Harraway says:

    hes very handsome is the retired LE man.

  5. Kara Raynaud says:

    She had a tattoo

  6. Frank Bernat says:

    Yeah Brian should of been held in custody soon as he was located. At least for the car, hold him as perp for stolen car. Now he is in the wind. I understand his parents, wanting to help him, but if he killed her, as a parent they should of turned him in.

  7. Kara Raynaud says:

    Are they checking his parents' bank statements for airline bookings? The lawyer set this up. They put the car there to throw off police. He's in another country.

  8. Lisa Martin says:

    Phil i am with you 100% all the way regarding the treatment from Bryan's parents to Gabbys parents. I cant imagine the hell Gabbys parents were going thru either. Thank you for saying what most are thinking!

  9. Cynthia Pate says:

    She said she hit him because she wanted him to stop telling her to calm down.

  10. Lisa Martin says:

    The couple that found van im glad they had the picture but why did she say on one show they didnt even know about the van and just knew it was from Florida then she says they looked back o n her blog and seen it why would she say she know about it then say we didnt know how we got the pi ture but one time they kn ew about it but next time she just happened to take picture of it im glad they seen it and all its great but why change story

  11. Velma Coffey says:

    The physical confrontation that was witnessed was another time, not at the time this video was taken

  12. Penny Sue says:

    The 911 call came in not long before this stop ,apparently. Or so they say

  13. Penny Sue says:

    Bill but there were two 911 calls, they are out now where the caller says he was slapping her ,just like a DV situation she takes all the blame..he's a nervous wreck until they let him know she wasn't blaming him ,he laughs then gets all cockey !

  14. Zooid 1 says:

    Lord Lucan disappeared without a trace and was never found.

  15. Marion M says:

    I dont think he would off himself ,he,s ahead of everyone ,he thinks he's smart ,and i also think they have pre legal knowledge.

  16. Sm0kyBlueDaze says:

    And please STOP saying these cops & 911 operator did a "bang up job"…
    And if yall as media personalities, Who get extra credibility is X law enforcement, KEEP MAKING THAT FUMBLE OK—- your doing 2 things:
    1. You're not acknowledging the problem within the system that keeps women and children DYING at the hands of their abusers…
    2. You're creating a situation where the Brian L Sympathizers are able to KEEP saying "GABBY was the aggressor and BRIAN'S the victim, even THE COPS ON SCENE SAID SO, and now all these other ppl like POTC are saying they were correct in that analysis…"

    PLEASE dont be part of the PROBLEM… PLEASE dont excuse the cycle of violence… PLEASE dont condone treating OBVIOUSLY TRAUMATIZED VICTIMS like ABUSERS… PLEASE Educate yourself and understand the cycle of abuse and how often women protect their abusers when cops show up…
    PLEASE… save lives by acknowledging what went WRONG HERE… dont Perpetuate this cycle by excusing it and supporting it…


  17. Mud Kat says:

    I don't trust the media– their credibility has gone to crap… They are going to use the new 911 recording to blast law enforcement in this situation. These officers did a fine job in dealing with the scene and gathering information. There was no physical injury to support the caller's report– EVIDENCE is the key here!

  18. Girl, interrupted says:

    The nights would be cold up in the mountains which might affect the deterioration during the day with the body having to warm up rather than staying warm around the clock and there is a lot less humidity higher up and in that area of the country , I believe . Her long blond hair would still be evident .

  19. Girl, interrupted says:

    Brian was creating a narrative when he got picked up by the couple Рthat he had been separated from her and camping for days while she stayed in the van. I think he was going to claim something happened while he was away but perhaps his dad told him to get rid of the body get the van there where they could wipe it clean and help him get out of the country before body was found- hoping elements would take care of any evidence on the body…

  20. Lauris Werenko says:

    Domestic violence escalates, Joe. It is a cycle of abuse. She left him at least 7 times overnight and slept over at a girlfriends. Domestic violence is about power and control. That is what Brian was doing to Gabby. He is guilty. The attending police missed the signs and dropped the ball. Brian is a scumbag and so are his parents. Two people went on that trip and only one came back. He is culpable and so are his parents for what they did to Gabby and her family.

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