Gabby Petito update: Autopsy reveals death caused by strangulation

An autopsy concluded that Gabby Petito was killed by strangulation, the Teton County, Wyoming, coroner announced Tuesday in a heavily anticipated news conference.

Dr. Brent Blue said the 22-year-old’s manner of death has been confirmed as a homicide.

Blue estimated Petito died three or four weeks before her body was found. He was not able to say if her body was buried when she was discovered or above ground in the wilderness.

The autopsy revealed that Petito was not pregnant at the time of her death, which the public speculated when she disappeared, Blue said.

He continued a thorough autopsy was performed to find the cause of death for Petito. It included a full-body cat scan, an exam by a forensic pathologist, an exam by a forensic anthropologist and a toxicology evaluation. Additionally, the FBI sent materials to a forensic ophthalmologist.

“We were waiting for various specialists to come in and help us with this investigation,” Blue said when explaining why it took nearly a month for autopsy results, “It was just a matter of making sure we have everything right.”



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16 Responses

  1. I love Gypsy life and me animals ❤️❤️ says:

    He’s not telling anything , just keeps avoiding the questions

  2. Mary Prybylinski says:

    He would have no more help

  3. Mary Prybylinski says:

    I wish his family could be arrested on hampering the investigation

  4. Kevin Willingham says:

    Was she pregnant

  5. Brittney Brown says:

    The most shocking about this case is how much emphasis is placed at Brian NOT being a suspect considering all his actions including stealing Gabby's credit card and van… There is police footage and 911 call that also proves he had been violent with her. Just weird to me.

  6. seriouslyscrapping says:

    Why is she so special because she's a young pretty white girl…theyre a lots of young pretty black brown girls too getting strangled by their bf too!!

  7. seriouslyscrapping says:

    Brian's parents need to be charged with perverting the cause of justice aiding and abbeding a criminal if possible

  8. Stephanie Maynard says:

    The Laundries are DISGUSTING!!!!

  9. Angel Daniel says:

    John Walsh ask stupid questions about if the coroner know if Brian murder gabby and he doesn’t know the questions!!!!

  10. Angel Daniel says:

    Gabby wasn’t pregnant!!! She was kill by her love the suck !!!

  11. Angel Daniel says:

    Gabby Petito's cause of death was strangulation, coroner determined!!!

  12. Hey You smile says:

    did Gabby have another banking account.
    At another bank?
    Brian is able to have money sent to him?
    could have been a (secret savings of Brian’s)
    but Brian was telling Gabby. It’s our savings for a home

  13. Patrick McGill says:

    Here in England UK the autopsy is called a post mortem' it wouldnt have taken weeks for the coroner to come.up.with a cause of death. Toxicology wasn't the cause. So why the delay.

  14. James Thorn says:

    no surprise at all Brian has been grabbing her face by her throat it showed that on video with the cops who should have arrested him then…then GABBY WOULD STILL BE ALIVE

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