Gabby Petito Press Conference, John Walsh Questions Coroner On Gabby Petito Autopsy – iCkedMeL

Gabby Petito Press conference. Coroner will be giving an update on Gabby Petito Autopsy.

Gabby Petito, 22, of Blue Point, Long Island, was last seen on August 27. Fox News reported that Nina Celie Angelo, of New Orleans, reported that she and her boyfriend, Matthew England, were at Merry Piglets, a restaurant in Jackson Hole, on Friday, Aug. 27, when they saw Laundrie arguing with staff.

Angelo told the news outlet that she believed Laundrie was arguing with the employees about money or the bill.

Ms Petito and Mr Laundrie had been documenting their travel experiences as ‘van-lifers’ across the US on a YouTube channel called ‘Nomadic Statik’. She would regularly FaceTime her mother, but her mother grew worried when she hadn’t heard from her for days and notified the authorities.

North Port police told Laundrie’s parents refused to let authorities interview their son at their home Saturday and admitted that the sudden disappearance of the 22-year-old is ‘odd.’

‘We have not talked with him, we would love to talk to him,’ said North Port Police spokesman Josh Taylor.

‘He is under no obligation to talk to us – and he has not. And we don’t even know yet if a crime happened.’

Asked if police had turned up at the home of Laundrie’s parents to speak with him, Taylor replied: ‘Of course.’

He added: ‘We did not actually talk to him. We talked to his parents. And they did not want to make him available to do that.’

Laundrie’s father, 62-year-old Christopher Laundrie, was seen mowing his lawn on Monday, and refused to comment on his son’s whereabouts.

Brian Laundrie is still on the run, and his whereabouts are unknown.

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0:00 Warm up
1:49 Coroner speaks
27:41 Laundrie attorney responds to results
28:50 Bunker experts on BL home
33:35 News Nation interviews a fugitive
43:03 Crazy bunker story, man hides for 3 years (man made bunker)
53:03 Calls (some pretty good ones)
1:36:27 Molly Golightly Calls in
2:01:42 Brian Entin addresses the fake accounts on zoom


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21 Responses

  1. Karen Mitchell says:

    Ahhhhh away with this bunker crap which is where we could start…..
    Brian "mum, mum, dad
    Dad "yes Brian "
    Brian "I need a crap and it's not solid, is it all clear?"
    Dad "no Brian, and stop talking, do you want our wonderful, supportive neighbours to hear you or God forbid their lives are disrupted because you murdered your fiancée and we are hiding you in a bloody bunker in the back garden, since the whole dam world now knows what you've done so don't move, shut your dam mouth and literally you've dug your own hole so you'll stay there!

  2. Mabel Cat says:

    Mel’s face when john walsh comes on… lol

    Mine probably looked the same tbh

  3. CannabisReformU.K says:

    After death it was still physical Marks on body suggest

  4. Kristen Phillips says:

    710 Indigenous woman have gone missing from this same spot in the last 9 years yet none reports. This case is a distraction. Lots of elites live in Jackson. Brian will show up suicided. This was a ritual sacrifice. And the 710 missing people will never be spoken of again.

  5. Diana Hammond says:

    It really doesn't matter bout all the news and publicity. They need to find Brian now. No one really cares about everyone else's news. This is just so sick listening to all of this. Is it going to end up like OJ??? This is what our world has came too???

  6. Le Vaughn says:

    You are so polite and level headed. Keep up the good work. Be blessed.

  7. sxs rides says:

    leave the grieving boyfriend alone he did nothing wrong

  8. Suzannah Troy says:

    Brian Laundrie could be hiding close to home + control freak — Remember he refused water because he said he didn't want to plastic bottle he enjoyed the deprivation, he enjoyed getting over on the cops look how the cops defer to him asking him if Gabby was able to drive her van…That must've made Brian feel so powerful! He stole her fan denied her access and then instead of the cops threatening him with possible arrest or you could get arrested for that if you do it again whatever they ask him to assess her…. it's hard for me to believe the parents didn't help him….Gabby lived the under their roof… this is putting it mildly but empathy doesn't seem to be a strong point in their family dynamic… it's really sickening I hope they catch them quickly but in my opinion the police handle that all wrong including when they all stood there as he assessed her as crazy…. GABBY WAS SUFFERING FROM BEING GASLIGHTED OVER AND OVER you don't know what it's like to be gaslight it over and over and for me it wasn't spousal abuse, I was a victim of a savage violent crime the whole crazy label — let me translate crazy when you hear a victim being called crazy the strategy there is to try and justify the unjustifiable. In my case NYPD crossed ethical lines falsified police reports conspired with the doctors office to make me drop charges they did it in plain sight but it's New York this is the same top cops how many administration so I don't wanna delve how the NYPD were enabler's in the Epstein case along with the Manhattan DA… don't forget in Brooklyn the Brooklyn DA and assistant woman district attorney had sex with one of the NYPD rape detectives….

    Women can be part of the boys club….

    Strangling her choking fits into his control freak and power tripping…. anyway rest in peace Gabby…. thank goodness her body was found and that was through hard work of YouTuber's going over their footage….

    I've been gaslight it for over eight years the last official online Gaslighting was when I was sick with COVID-19 last year trying not to die I did a YouTube but I became so sick I couldn't eat…. I was sipping electrolytes and if I couldn't start gaining weight I was gonna have to go to an emergency room or call an ambulance and that's the last thing I needed… you don't know how painful Gaslighting is until you've been a victim of it and violence and threats of retaliation and I ledge one of the people involved online the first very violent Threat Iallege Joe Tacopina using the fake account Bob Dobalina and use the C Word that rhymes with punt and threatened to see the tables turned on me if I took any action any legal action any action if you want to talk about a control freak…? I filed an ethical complaint against him and his partner alleging they use fake accounts his partner using the account Charles Ward and their response was complete silence but I forwarded to the NYPD and then wife he acted on it falsifying police reports. Detective yelled at me you were going to drop charges or I'm gonna arrest you and then he made it clear I was never to contact him again. He refused to meet me except false arrest me and only Saturday 4 PM I had emergency surgery the night before because I was still having vision problems from the running punch to my left eye and that punch had made a hole in my retina. Running punch to the head can kill someone and that happened at the doctors office and of course being that it's corrupt New York State and New York City it was impossible to report Crimes or Medical and Misconduct because now the doctor has admitted he never investigated he bragged about his trust in the NYPD. I had patients coming to me telling me on YouTube that it's my fault that I'm crazy I said if I was crazy meeting mentally ill it would make what they did and what you're doing even worse. The doctor is now admitted not investigating at discussing it with patient.

    I told Joan Illuzzi Who are admitted the perpetrator had filed a false cross complaint I told her there's a second threat in a letter and a threatens me with a second False cross complaint that letter was withheld from me the city Corporation Counsel also withheld it… they lied in court that I was not coerced they protected the police falsifying and downgrading all crimes that's how extreme… for me when you lie in court above the judge it says In God We Trust…

    The doctor in my case committed perjury line the attack did not happen on the property and he admitted he watched at least six times before he had come in so I guess it's observational skills aren't that good or he just was going to commit perjury and believe Perjury but what about travelers insurance they made me watch that over and over before he ever walked in so they knew the truth and I'm alleging they were party to fraud party to lie cheat when win.

    Every time the doctor committed perjury he seem to smirk and laugh very mocking that he could get away with anything that's another one that reminds me of Brian probably really enjoying having the cops defer to him to assess Gabby and Petito's ability to drive her own van away.

  9. grimtt says:

    I didn’t appreciate Walsh squeezing his promo in there and asking leading questions that LE is def not going to answer right now. Just not the right time and place for that, IMO. I’m sure he has no trouble getting guest appearances on daytime TV.

  10. ATL 2 BKK says:

    Dog the Bounty Hunter: Brian Laundrie called parents ‘from the scene’ of Gabby Petito’s death

  11. Amanda Brown says:

    Not the bunker again…do you think the FBI is so stupid they would miss Brian in the parents back yard?

  12. Jday Scorpion ♏️ says:

    Why even have questions???? They should’ve just said she was strangled, no more questions, that would’ve been less embarrassing for the pathologist

  13. says:

    Once U start to strangle a person, U realize what U R doing, then it becomes intended if U keep up the strangulation until death of other person.

  14. says:

    The FBI has a lot of circumstantial evidence at this point & we may see another warrant for Brian’s arrest on suspicion of murder

  15. One✌ says:

    Brian sure pulled the wool over the cops that failed Gabby. 911 reported a male beating a female. Gabby was to totally disturbed by Brian behavior.
    The Mark's on Brian face was Gabby protecting herself from him. The mark's on Gabby are the first physical rage from Brian after all the
    psychological abuse this jealous boy friend had put her through. He joked & laughed with the cops after he was painted the victim of abuse but when the cop first approached him in the vehicle he couldn't talk straight & very nervous. Also when standing out of the vehicle any movement around him he would turn his head very fast as he was very paranoid on what was going on around him. Once Gabby was going to be arrested he was happy, joking & couldn't stop talking. He didn't want her in jail he need her close by for control & didn't want to have Gabby talk to them if he wasn't around not knowing what she may say about him.
    After the embarrassment & the YouTube viral video he was furious his personality now was off the chart like at the restaurant just prior to killing Gabby
    What he don't realized & the dirty laundry parents is hes dead man one way or another.

  16. Eloise Powers says:

    Your current caller is what is wrong with this case…making stuff up. Shut him off…EGO EGO EGO

  17. Manamal Reacts says:

    Why are comments disabled?

  18. Prairiee Girl says:

    I expected her manner of death would show he did something violent to her where there could be no dispute that it was not accidental. That said, in my opinion I think this makes the involvement of the parents to coverup her desth much more likely to be on a criminal level. I believe they knew he did something to her before he even got back to Florida. I think they helped him figure out to bring her van and all that evidence to Florida where they could get rid of some things. I also think since they ignored the Petito family phone calls as to her whereabouts they intentionally delayed the reports of her missing knowing the body was left in the elements and the longer it was left would allow evidence of DNA to diminish and wild animals to drag her away. I really do believe the parents were part of the planning of stalling this to help him. Brian won't have to take the stand in his own trial but I can't wait to see that family have their asses grilled for this.

  19. says:

    I think the Dr. answered John Walsh’s question in a very indirect way. He categorized her death in the category of Domestic Violence. The only other domestic person with Gabby was Brian.

  20. Thequeenofthegram says:

    She called Jamz too

  21. iCkEdMeL says:

    0:00 Warm up
    1:49 Coroner speaks
    27:41 Laundrie attorney responds to results
    28:50 Bunker experts on BL home
    33:35 News Nation interviews a fugitive
    43:03 Crazy bunker story, man hides for 3 years (man made bunker)
    53:03 Calls (some pretty good ones)
    1:36:27 Molly Golightly Calls in
    2:01:42 Brian Entin addresses the fake accounts on zoom

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