Gabby Petito memorialized in Hunsader Farms corn maze

Hunsader Farms in Manatee County decided to dedicate their 7-acre fall corn maze to Gabby. They not only hope it brings peace to those who visit, they hope the sight also brings a little peace to Gabby’s family.

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24 Responses

  1. Ronald Regan Rimjobs says:

    This really helped…NOT!!!!! They used her death to promote their corn maze. Shame

  2. Lynne Arias says:

    I will never forget this precious girl. Thank you for what you have done to honor her. She will not get Justice but she will be remembered for decades as she touched our hearts so deeply.

  3. Cheryl D says:

    Wouldn't it be nice if we all did good for each other? I know it's wishful thinking but the world will never know cause there are devils amongst us.

  4. Maghi Demirjian says:

    This goes to show if u live ur life beautifully and leave a handprint on people hearts, they will keep ur legacy strong. Nobody is mourning brian but his family.

  5. Aimey Blessed Mayberry says:

    May God bless you & your family!

  6. Choy Sum says:

    If only she got this much attention when she was alive.

  7. Alex Crossandra says:

    What about a memorial for Brian? He was found dead too- you people are heartless and he didn't do anything wrong. RIP Brian never forgotten, I hope you and Gabby are loving each other in heaven right now

  8. Ferny M says:

    thats so sad, hopefully the family of Gabby finds peace in this tragic death

  9. handheldcats14 crites says:

    thats humanity love it!

  10. Kristeen says:

    Are they profiting off a gabby❓

  11. JackyDOS says:

    i think it is a great idea, espcially if there is a festival at the weekend, were people can meet up, maybe have a nice pumpkin-pie or soup while chatting and have a walk in the maze (especially on the monarch-picture she was happy with this small pumpking, seems she was looking forward to the halloween-time). i hope that many people take the chance to go there (i´m too far away in germany), as i think that some people are traumatized, cause even if Gabby was "only" sharing her vanlife online, for some it felt like they lost a really good friend or a family member cause she was a real person to them. according to the family and her close friends in rl – we should not forget that there are more victims who suffer from her dead, especially while the journey to Brian was this weird and stony. and pls: if you meet the Petito-Family or friends – give them space, don´t ask them questions, cause if they are ready to talk – i think – they will talk to Gabbys community, but atm. their souls needing time and rest <3. take care, and thanx that someone brought halloween in general to germany, i like it more as Fasching <3.

  12. Robert Mata says:

    I'm so tired of hearing of a white female that was murdered by her boyfriend, if she black or brown or even a black and brown child they wouldn't get so much attention!!!! She's dead so move on, she wasn't as special as the black mother or brown sister that went missing, the media is racist to color and race!!

  13. Keith Wilson says:

    According to Dr. Fauci, Brian launrdie and Gabby Pitino died of Covid!

  14. Thomas Bel says:

    What the heck is it about this broad? Does she got some spicy onlyfans material somewhere?
    Seems like too many people care far too much about one dead chick they didn't even know

  15. Robert J. Reed says:

    Thanks again ☝️ .for the second payment i just got from you guys I recommend mask to you

  16. Robert J. Reed says:

    Thanks again ☝️ for the second payment i just got from you guys I recommend mask to you

  17. yaaa dontsay says:

    Rip to gabby but i seen hoaxers do better crop circles than this

  18. Nina Osborne says:

    I'm sure it's reaching their pockets too.

  19. nate green says:

    That's soo heartfelt and wonderful. I think Gabby would say to all admirers.

  20. EsotericOccultist says:

    It doesn't matter that she admitted to domestic violence on her partner Brian. She had a vagina which means she's off limits to any type of criticism.

  21. Alicia Coble says:


  22. Toxic Bear479 says:

    Gabby was so beautiful

  23. Lori Stewart says:

    She is flying high with the other Angels! What a beautiful tribute.

  24. Michael Burchfield says:

    It would've been different if someone was riding by in an airplane or helicopter and seen this corn maze and report it to the news channel…but for yall to advertise the corn maze/pumpkin patch to the public to try to get people to come spend their money there.thats just wrong
    Using Gabby as a advertisement for their corn maze/pumpkin festival, smh…

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