Gabby Petito Exam explained by a Ret. Medical Legal Death Investigator from NYC ME Office DutyRon

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Time stamps
00:00. Start
0:10 – intro
2:40 -NBC video on manner of death
7:45 -introducing guests
12:48 – challenges of recovering remains
15:00 – potential identifying marks
19:14 – analyzing the crime scene
22:36 – CSI coordination with ME
25:41 – overview of testing remains
27:32 – coroner Vs pathologist
31:13 – rape kit procedure ?
33:14 – autopsy checklist ?
35:05 – did family ID body?
36:22 – do coroners cooperate?
37:43 – NY jurisdiction?
39:02 – why ME returned to scene?
41:45 – forensics role in case?
44:10 – bite marks vs breaks in bones?
45:45 – how long until complete findings?
49:35 – carefully recovering remains
50:31 – release of body to family
52:05 -enough evidence for prosecution?
55:14 – certain evidence for homicide?
58:52 – Barbara’s sign off
59:50 – search for Brian
1:02:20 – condition of remains
1:07:00 – stolen credit card
1:09:21 – preserving evidence from under nails
1:12:00 – other evidence gathering
1:15:15 – spray painted trees at site?
1:19:13 – time of death
1:21:40 – vehicle searches
1:26:05 – homicide definition/designation
1:27:18 – stream wrap up

Here is a link to my previous video with Crime Scene Unit expert Retired NYPD Detective Edward Wallace

Gabby Petito Exam explained by a Ret. Medical Legal Death Investigator from NYC ME Office

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Tonight we talk about Gabby Petito Autopsy with special guest Barbara Butcher a Retired Chief of Staff and Director of Forensic Investigations (Death Investigator) at the NYC Office of Chief Medical Examiner. She obtained her MPH Master of Public Health at Columbia University. We are also joined by Retired Detective Edward Wallace a 20 plus year veteran of the NYPD Crime Scene Unit.

I am a Retired NYPD Police Detective and a 911 World Trade Center first responder who talks about Police, public safety. I cover current and past criminal cases also cover breaking News stories.

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35 Responses

  1. P T says:

    i dont think he is at the Reserve. Parents lied and he took off

  2. JL Larade says:

    Whoever did this doesn't deserve to go to jail at all, he deserves to be tied to a tree, tortured for weeks and then slowly burned alive.

  3. Rj Therrien says:

    Is this he same experts who told us Jeffery Epstein killed himself?

  4. malvina nikitich says:

    Crazy it was around the time on 9/11… and now these news are also a heartbreaking memory now that is known all over the world.

  5. Recover Your POWER says:

    As a parent with a daughter not much older than Gabby…I pray the family isn’t watching this. It’s educational for people not involved but way more than any parent would want to hear. May Gabby Rest In Peace.

  6. Nicholas Adams says:

    13:18 is when it starts getting juicy! You're welcome(;

  7. Nima Hekmat says:

    Hi . I am new .Thank you .God Bless America

  8. Butter Cup says:

    I hope they did a rape analysis.
    She may have been raped and murdered by someone else. We know that Brian went camping and trekking without her. He had mentioned it to the couple whom he had hitched a ride with that he had a fiancee and that she was at the Van doing her vlogging work.

  9. VegasModel says:


  10. Belynda Songer says:

    There is a written statement by a man who saw Brian hitting her in the face in front of a grocery store in Moab Utah. It was an employee that called the police. Female. Ironically that female and her partner were murdered in a campground that next few days. If there were ballistics involved where Gabby was found maybe he was responsible for something there too.

  11. Raymund Benedict Ponce says:

    Someone got paid

  12. Jenniferlynn Smith says:

    So… what does a mother do when her son was dragged and hung by a tree and the law refused an autopsy and laughs at her when she asks them to reopen the case. Why's it closed? RULED A SUICIDE!! WHY THE FUNERAL HOME QUESTIONS WHY THERE WAS NO AUTOPSY!?? INSANE! SOUNDS LIKE SOMETHING BIGGER BEING COVERED! PLEASE HELP IN GEORGIA!

  13. Anne Ringe says:

    Hello. New from Michigan!

  14. Teresa Estevez Alvarez says:

    So sorry this young woman died, possibly murdered.
    Deepest condolences to her family.
    Too many crimes against young women and women in general in USA. It needs to be studied and stopped. Respect, respect and respect.
    Also on the investigation I was very surprised to hear from Dr. Butcher that almost anyone with some medical knowledge can perform an autopsy. Undertakers? Family doctor with 1 year forensic course?
    Are we serious?
    A forensic pathologist must be an essencial requirement on any crime.
    Also forensic findings report must be impartially given to all sides.

  15. Nick Morris says:

    thank you

  16. Lawrence Loflin says:

    Exactly, a rape kit is necessary, and this case should be handled by outside investigations, and all of the officers off duty whereabouts should be looked into for this time frame, and alibis checked thoroughly, as well as cell phone records, etc.

  17. Miriam Schiro says:

    All the remains? What? She was cut into pieces?

  18. Anne Ringe says:

    Hello from Detroit, Michigan!!!

  19. joloco1974 says:

    Brand new viewer from Queensland, Australia, and I have to say, I am impressed with the quality of this stream I’ve seen tonight

  20. Jana Lücke says:

    i always find it funny people don't get why certain information isn't published. you leave them unknown to the public to have something only the killer could have known and possibly catch him saying something unpublished. bam. got him.

  21. john ellis says:

    New Tonganoxie Ks. You can truly see how distraught and fearful Gabby was when she and Brian were pulled over. She was not going to admit about being abused both physically and verbally by him. Why would Brian's parents even allow him to go hiking. He probably lied to his parents and told them she went to friends or family. He could of told them that they decided to call off engagement. Because remember he was still only a "person of interest". Why did parents wail 3 days to retrieve Brian's car and report him missing. Did Brian say, "I need to go clear my head and if you don't hear from me in 3days come get my car". Nobody knows if Brian is really at that marsh. His parents could have dropped him off somewhere else, and maybe he had a friend come pick him up. Does anyone know exactly the day he returned to his parents house.

  22. Life is awesome Everyday says:

    hello from michelle in australia,first time,and subscribed,great job

  23. Lawrence Loflin says:

    Has anyone gone down the rabbit hole concerning the suspicious and abnormal behavior of the officers, a) toying with both Gabby and Brian during the stop and b), such as driving a male to a motel and leaving a young, attractive female alone to fend for herself 1,000 miles away from home, knowing the male has no phone. That is NOT normal police behavior. And c) the only people or person that Gabby would probably feel obligated to let into her personal space would have been one of those officers, perhaps off duty, knowing she would be alone, by herself ALL night with no way to contact her fiance. Especially the bearded officer that was not the assigned officer, yet questioned her very informally, was invading her space on the body cam footage and her body language expressed that she was uncomfortable and intimidated during that talk. Then when the questioning of Brian that particular officer said that the case belonged to this other officer and was not involved in the questioni g, then he disappeared. Somebody who did this would have to be familiar with the area. And Brian was not. All of the officers where-abouts should be questioned during that time frame to see if any of them have a wishy-washy alibi or if there us any unusual fishiness at all. Especially considering that due to the reputation of departments widespread not taking complaints on employees(officers) seriously and 'turning a blind eye' to any negative behavior, which is why departments have attracted an abundance of killers, rapists, bullies, traffickers ego-trippers and control freaks to gain employment in police departments. ALL complaints, especially early on in a career, should be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated and employees (officers) should be dismissed immediately upon finding any negative, violent, deceitful or bullying type of behavior, essentially 'nipping it in the bud' and our departments would not be overrun with these types, which is where we are today. Just because someone is hired and acts proper during the hiring process, does not mean they should have automatic amnesty from any wrongdoing. Oftentimes people have their best foot forward in the beginning u bail they get their foot in the door and then… back to the point, that whoever did this to Gabby would have had to had familiarity of this very rural area, and realistically most anyone from out of state would not necessarily be able to maneuver this terrain very successfully. And back to the point that it is ABSOLUTELY NOT normal police protocol to drive anyone anywhere besides jail, let alone splitting up a couple 1000s of miles away from home, the male to a motel room and leave a young, attractive female alone with a van to fend for herself all night, in the middle of nowhere. That is just NOT NORMAL!!!

  24. Susan Bulkeley says:

    Thank you for your service

  25. Janie Z says:

    How come no one knows about the trail cam footage? I don't see anybody talking about how Brian was caught on a trail cam 500 miles from where his car was but still within the reserve. I can't find that information anywhere anymore but I did see it and it would definitely was him.

  26. ASTARA VALLEY witchcraft In hollyw. says:

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  27. LALLY MELITON says:

    I'm appalled by the way those traffic police have sided with Brian's lies. Brian's older & more experienced than Gabby, she was definitely scared, crying and in grave fear. Brian's body Language shows he's obviously guilty.

  28. Yolanda Ramirez says:

    I think his family knows what really happened to her and help him to rid off the crime evidence and help him hide with some family members in other state

  29. Ronnie Haley says:

    Ironic her name is butcher lol

  30. ASTARA VALLEY witchcraft In hollyw. says:

    Thank you for uploading and explaining contact through e m If you need love and financial problems solved quickly by professional magic

  31. Jane Adams says:

    First time watching from Midlothian, VA.

  32. Desiree Federico says:

    Iam not a professional or attorney or a investigator but I feel that he ran her gabby over he locked her out of her van again tried to leave her out in a deserted area no access to any help and she r tried to jump inside and he drug her that's more of a common sense answer accidently killed her left her and left the crime scene with no emotion no remorse and no guilt so overall thus Brian never had respect has slays been unbalanced and abused her for sometime at his home and parents witnessed this behavior this girl loved him and n'eeded to be lead away from him young and so much going for her. an tried to leave her numerous of times out their g hats what she had told the officer hi as parents helped him escape out of some big lie that he convinced them that took place.. so God bless you gabby hopefully we will all learn from.this how to teach and educate females redflags and how to I'dentify a abusive relationship and learn how to be defensive strong..and alert and most of all how to defend yourself from low life's like Brian all my best to gabby family may God comfort you and send healing always d.federuco

  33. Kaskadia Jackass Watch says:

    great information! thanks!

  34. Snicklefritzchic says:

    This is like conditioning the public like Pavlov's law ; as if we were dogs! People are falling for pictures cut and paste.

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