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  1. Betty Olzick says:

    Is the fact that Brian came back home with Gabby's Van alone without her another count against him Federally? A stolen vehicle? Once they knew she had passed, missing and found dead, wouldn't that be Grand Theft Auto? I'm just saying! Also we know Gabby wore an Apple watch, was that found on her as well as any of her rings and jewelry she wore daily?

  2. AngTxGal says:

    It is more than DNA they can collect under her fingernails. It is tissue types. If it’s s Bryan’s DNA and it is from his skin and his blood that can’t be accidental DNA from living together. It would be clear evidence she fought back. If she lost consciousness quickly she may not have fought back. He could have pinned her down so she could not. Yes, it is sick to imagine, four weeks May have degraded these tissues.
    I’ve read that over 90% of deaths by strangulation also include blunt force injuries. So to me that explains the rocks being taken in for evidence. Yes, even sicker.
    How can they wait to put out a warrant for BL’s arrest for murder? He is desperate, unpredictable, and now it is clear in the media that he is the only person of interest in the death of Gabbie Petito.

  3. Tat2dchick says:

    Capitol one credit card was also listed in Gabby's missing person report

  4. Tat2dchick says:

    Another YouTuber couple went out to the area and they went to the scene and they said it looks like Ash in the orange marked spots. As if someone took a stick to a fire and hit a tree or rock with said stick. No holes involved

  5. Rebecca Price says:

    Personally if whoever is helping him, they should turn him in!!!! He may do the same thing to you he did to Gabby, supposedly he loved her!!!

  6. Lady Jaxx says:

    Hi ladies, regarding the markers I believe it was Joe Scott Morgan on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace podcast that said spray markers been used as probably the person didn’t have the tape on them (they’re using tape to mark for other searchers which areas been searched but they can use spray if they happen to not have a tape on them)

  7. GRACE says:

    It kills me to see that sweet baby crying in that video.

  8. GRACE says:

    Girl yes, he is a coward. Gabby was a little doll, anyone who doesn't get along with her has a severe personality & character disorder. Off with his head

  9. Donna E says:

    1:04:35 When did he say he couldn’t tell if it was manual strangulation or not? because I saw a report that he said it WAS Manual.

  10. Joan of Arc says:

    Another couple that appears very happy on social media. Turns out, painful problems were present.
    Social media is such a bad influence on young adults. They’re always watched and judged.

  11. Kayla B says:

    Now this is my personal opinion, but Dr. Blues statements on “other domestic violence cases” not getting as much media coverage (and I agree!) says to me that he believes that Gabbys death would have to be a result of domestic violence which directly pins this on Brian as that was her current relationship at time of death. Anyone else?

  12. dixiechicdana1 says:

    5 to 8 minutes is a very long time when you can't breathe

  13. Kim McGuire says:

    I totally understand why he couldn’t give certain info out, that it would compromise the investigation. But I will have to say I was pretty disappointed in the whole press release. Not much was said that most of us already suspected

  14. Romero says:

    Thank you both for bringing your experiences, knowledge, and time to these videos. It's nice to come to a channel to get facts and so much information in one place.

  15. Super_Man70 says:

    What happened to those bullet holes?

  16. R. Lucas says:

    This guy killed and robbed his girlfriend, left her body where the animals could eat it, returned home and went camping and bike riding with his folks. Brian did not lose control, he killed her with complete control. If the stepdad is right and they had a tent there, he cleaned that camp area – stepping around and over her dead body….in complete control. He didn’t look like a monster but aren’t those the most dangerous kinds?

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