Gabby Petito Case: Brian Laundrie HUGE Updates | Marathon

Gabby Petito Case: Brian Laundrie HUGE Updates | Marathon
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The Gabby Petito Case continues on with Dog The Bounty Hunter hoping to track down the main person of interest, Brian Laundrie. So far he tried asking Cassie Laundrie for help and even injured his ankle in this search, but says he will continue after the news of Gabby Petito’s autopsy.

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19 Responses

  1. Trachell Dunn says:

    I bet that guy who was 99% sure he saw Brian on the Appalachian trail is reassessing his confidence in things since Brian Laundrie’s remains where found in a Florida nature preserve….right where his parents told LE he went the last time they saw him…

  2. h k says:

    I hope that that scumbag is found but if not i hope his parents are charged with helping him escape as they knew she was missing due to gabby's parents calling and txting them.

  3. Marion M says:

    Yep the Mole is in the Hole.

  4. Marie-Eve Pomerleau says:

    That's crazy! So you are saying that "if" he did kill Gabbey but he can't be found then he is getting away with murder??? Wtf that makes no sense I hate the law

  5. Melissa Meyer says:

    He does have ways of getting around. And some people might be joining the phyco game. He's close to home. Maybe not in yard maybe tunnel that leads into yard. I think he's got a bunker outside of house

  6. Karen Walker says:

    The so called bunker wasn’t there when the police were searching the yard and behind the shed. I do not believe it’s a bunker at all

  7. *꧁Just Call Me Jess Z꧂* says:

    Looks more like a fire pit to me. But guess I've never had a bunker.
    Regardless. Doing gardening is not randomly having landscaping done. Also. Pointing and retreating indoors when a drone is flying over is hardly strange.
    I do personally believe they know more then they've shared. Or at least more then WE KNOW they have shared but neither of these are proof of that.

  8. Sarah Smith says:

    You know hes in the attic or the basement chillin

  9. AlliesObsession says:

    Honestly even if he is somehow innocent, at this point no one will believe him (I certainly wouldn't)

  10. Mytube777 says:

    This is from over a week ago though.

  11. Staci Anne Marie IG AeonStaci says:

    He’s not at his home and yes the FBI would’ve known about any bunker… Seems to me, that the victims didn’t beat Brian’s family in paying authorities off. They’ve been grossly cheated out of justice. The authorities should have never let that b*$+*rd out of their custody. This is now a circus. Keep eyes on your town. You just never know… He could already be shacked up with another woman.

  12. Bren Lhirondelle says:

    It's a firepit.

  13. R S says:

    Huge update!: SSDD….. seriously?

  14. pokemon fanthings says:

    it bothers me that so much effort is going into this guy, who is a criminal (in my opinion) when there are thousands of people in the US alone who are missing and their cases get little to no attention. I get that Brian Laundrie could be dangerous, but from all that I heard, it doesn't seem like he would be more at risk for killing more people than other missing criminals.

  15. pokemon fanthings says:

    I appreciate you providing all this info especially because I don't want to support Fox news

  16. pokemon fanthings says:

    I wouldn't be too concerned with the media he consumes, since there isn't strong evidence to suggest that people who consume violent media are violent.

  17. pokemon fanthings says:

    one problem is that he looks like such a generic white guy

  18. bobissy29 says:

    Does anyone think that he is going to change his appearance…

  19. Subrina says:

    Thing is his brian laundry doesn't look different from most men his age that are Caucasian there is a ton of people that look just like him so they're of course people are going to say they thought they saw him there's a guy on tiktok named not Brian laundry because people keep mistaking him for him. Which I'm sure that the police appreciate the tips but I think it's going to be a while before they find him.

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