GABBY PETITO Autopsy Results

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35 Responses

  1. Barbara Podany says:

    Double Jeopardy maybe? So they gotta get everything perfect (police, fbi, n more)!

  2. Ann MARIE Mullen says:

    He seems like a narcissist he wanted to control the poor girl and when he realized she wasn’t having it and was gonna leave he killed her.

  3. Greg LaPlante says:

    It would not do for me to get hold of his evil ass

  4. Greg LaPlante says:

    Then who the hell else did it!

  5. Greg LaPlante says:

    She either had something on him he did illegally or she was going to break up with him . The local police and parents help him get away.

  6. Teresa McFarlin says:

    It is highly unlikely that anything the police find on the items taken from the home will be released to the public until he is caught and charged. You don't go around spilling your evidence until you present it in court.

  7. Karen Manuel says:

    MORE THAN ANYTHING THEY DESPERATELY NEED TO FIND THIS GUY!!!!…. It’s soooooo crazy!!!!… because, I think, the parents have BEEN LEADING US ALLLLLL ON A WILD GOOSE CHASE JUST BIDING “EVEN MORE TIME” FOR HIM TO SIMPLY DISAPPEAR!!!!! At this point, I feel like, Only God KNOWS where this guy is!!!! AND, I PRAY, EVERYDAY THAT GOD WILL help the FBI, OR WHOEVER to find him!!!!!

  8. Low Vision Life says:

    The Laundrie family should be so ashamed of themselves, the way they snuck him into that park with provisions and refuse to cooperate with authorities. Not that the authroties seemed interested in interviewing his folks until long after they cleaned everything up.

  9. Debra Bonavisa says:

    You make very good points in your video! Brian Laundrie can't answer questions because he is guilty and he doesn't know how to cover that up when he talks to the police. I don't think he's that sophisticated so he went into hiding because he probably figured it's better than going to jail.

  10. Harmony Sage says:

    The thin g about strangulation is, it is up close and personal. He had to feel her struggling and hearing her cries.

  11. Kristen Maddux says:

    I was Gabby 15 years ago. I was almost Strangled by a man I was abuse by. Luckily I survived. Prayers for Gabby.

  12. Julia Barone says:

    Get him dog bounty hunter and John walsh

  13. Julia Barone says:

    If he’s not guilty why did he run

  14. Julia Barone says:

    She was beautiful classy

  15. Lori Authelet says:

    This is what psychopaths do and apparently its passed thru the Gene's of his mother n father. Wtf helps hide their kid knowing hes a muderer

  16. Roxanna Bloom says:

    I just want to thank you for covering this in such a classy manner. RIP Gabby

  17. Amy Sweet Tea says:

    It’s because he is hiding. Law enforcement isn’t going to drive him further away by charging him or naming him as suspect. It’s semantics as a person of interest is basically the same thing. Personally I don’t think he will be found alive

  18. Willow Rayne says:

    Something to keep in mind, this is not a “state” crime. It is federal. The feds will typically get everything and I mean everything in order before they go to a federal grand jury for an indictment. The feds also keep everything close to the vest until that grand jury.

  19. Stephanie Spears says:

    Cold hearthed! To strangle her takes time and ur looking at her that whole time while shes fighting to breathe. Cruel!

  20. Country Candle says:

    Well 1st of all I think a lot of the police made a lot of mistakes that's number 1 number 2 is too much suspicion with the Florida police.

  21. Monica Mayo says:

    So sad! I feel like strangulation is something you can stop, the person doing it that is. Putting your hands around someone’s throat, looking into their face, their eyes, & squeezing the life out of them. You have time to stop! To think, no I love her & to fucking stop! I’m sure Gabby was begging & fighting & he kept doing it!! It sickens me! What a piece of shit coward, I can’t even say a man, he was not a man! I hope he’s caught soon & punished!!

  22. Luana McDonald says:

    Unfortunately most DV abusers have same patterns thats why had no doubt it was by strangulation. Controling, jealous, manipulative, his outrages and putting her down are ALL familar characteristics of DV abuser. I want him caught!! He is dangerous at this point it will only keep getting worse as time goes on he needs shut down asap.
    I think FBI and esp. the local police in Fl. have made horrible decisions from day one in this case. They do not want to show all thier cards for fear of Brian's reaction, his well being hence why they are not changing it from "person of interest" he isn't going turn himself in nor is his parents going to corporate not EVER! I think more they release the better however I doubt if they're going change how they are handling this case just because public wants more information. I personally only care about Gabbie getting justice her family getting peace. He did not wake up one morning become the monster he is its a taught behavior, he grew up thinking it's alright to lay hands on a girl/women that came from some where. Living in his parents home they had to have heard thier fights, saw bruises etc. over last two years but did nothing?! IMO his father is just as sick and they probably have a codependent relationship, maybe one day we will find all of this out?! Unlike the majority of the population they seem to not have any common decency or normal thinking patterns of right or wrong we see this by them NOT cooperating! God be with Gabbie's family and everyone trying to capture Brain…God'sSpeed.

  23. jessica mckinney says:

    They need to bring back public hanging IMO!

  24. Troy Herring says:

    They need to quit play around. Nail him

  25. LaceyLou says:

    Oh no, oh my goodness no. That beautiful soul, that beautiful family, both the dad and stepmom and the mom and stepdad… Along with Gabby's brother. Andros, her best friend, and her other friends. My family and I will most definitely be saying prayers, as we have been, but we will continually pray for the family and friends that Gabby left behind. We all love and adore you sweet girl, rest high upon that mountain with our Lord and savior.

  26. KellyAnn Dean says:

    Yep,brian is a satanist!

  27. Cheryl James-P says:

    Truth, most wanted! It's crazy!

  28. Michelle Hornbacher says:

    I heard a detective say that they aren’t calling him a suspect yet because it only helps the defense because they then have to offer what evidence they do have now.

  29. Satori One says:

    Males me angry spending so much searchin, Why dont they use DNA RESONANCE FREQUENC TECHNOLOGY.?

  30. Alma Redacted says:

    It really is miserable visualizing such a petite, potential-filled young lady being strangled by an emotionally unhinged manchild. Ugh. The Laundrie family will forever be ostracized and disliked for their silence… so that's at least some immediate karma people can witness. Bless it all.

  31. Tina Rogers says:

    I agree 100 with you. Also real men do not act that way

  32. Barbara Jansen says:

    No matter what opinions we all have about this drama, it is all speculation. So I’m going to add mine to the pile. I’m beginning to believe all this silence from all these people involved is turning into one big conspiracy. They avoid most of the questions and deliberately leave us in the dark. I’m starting to think this just might be another virtual drama with paid off participants. Since they can’t answer the questions, it may be they’re just playing the parts and have no idea what’s going on. I’m trusting media less and less. The authorities are not making anything easy to trust or depend on. I’m beginning to think this is all a hoax. Just my speculation added to the pile of other speculations.

  33. Darlene Sale says:

    Laundries parents need to speak up now can not keep their selves from talking on brian since they know their son did it because they were sweethearts

  34. Elizabeth Chicos says:


  35. Patty in Austin says:

    Typically, the DA in charge or a grand jury decides when to charge someone for murder. Hopefully, DNA results will help. Thank you for your coverage, and NO, Brian/his family don’t have the cojones.

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