Gabby Petito Autopsy Results (Press Conference)


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21 Responses

  1. Optum CSS says:

    There's another exercise going on as well for your start seeing police officers or gentleman of some sort training now in the reserves while they're doing the search for the Brian laundry which really they're not searching for Brian laundry they're doing something else.

  2. kiNdnesS spRinkles says:

    The Moab police failed Gabby. They said she was the aggressor! Thay makes the restaurant Mery Piglets restaurant so much more horrific!! She was probably scared that they would take his side ! Again!!! Failure of DUtY! They failed to protect her!! They was going to take Her to jail ?! How many people have they got it wrong on and r sitting in prison??!

  3. Keka Kn says:

    Doug live from north port florida, seems like he found someone in the dark. Worth watching, fbi got to do the same.

  4. Joseph Lennox says:

    I don’t want to speculate about drugs being involved but did anyone notice how much different Brian looked in cam footage even from pics taken in the weeks leading up I believe he looked like most people do that have been experimenting with meth! I don’t think gabby looked that way but if he was somehow doing it I feel she would know or maybe experimented who knows but the way he was acting and how he looked this is just my thought

  5. DeeJay1210 says:

    Who knows, maybe Brian could be watching all this from somewhere…..

  6. DeeJay1210 says:

    I`d also like to mention whilst Brian is a suspect NOTHING has been confirmed as of yet with regards to his guilt and the circumstances surrounding Gabby`s death (Rest In Peice Gabby !). I am NOT condoning anything Brian may / may not have done but there were two eye witness reports of violence, one about Brian hitting Gabby and one of Gabby hitting Brian first.

    Regardless of who hit who first that shouldn`t = murder BUT people seem to not be taking any of that into account, if it matters. Everyone seems to have made their minds up about what happened and why it happened, is`nt most of this just speculation atm ?

  7. Niki T says:

    A Police Officer told me when you get manually strangled the victim can very often scratch their own neck, trying to pull the hands away.

  8. RidgieDidgie says:

    If there was a campfire there what evidence did he burn?

  9. BucksDaughter says:

    I, too, believe that Brian cleaned up that van, got rid of his and Gabby's phones, and took everything to the Reserve. I believe that is why the police have spent so much time there.

    Dr. Brent Blue has recanted his statement regarding DV in this case. He now says that is not what he meant but I'm not sure I believe him. It was "manual strangulation/throttling" per the one-page report released by Dr. Blue.

  10. Rebecca Pratt says:

    Oh hey!!I've been going back&forth looking at past videos 6/7x's of GABBY'S please will you too,do you realize the only place he walks seriously like a duck is at the cop stop!!!!NOT at the campground neither,

  11. RMVelardo says:

    I enjoy your videos. The sister lives in Orlando not Tampa.

  12. Think Outside the Board says:

    I thought the park rangers didn't have body cam footage?

  13. Karen Bangert says:

    Two verbal statements calling Brian innocent of the newlywed murder are being used as physical evidence

  14. Karen Bangert says:

    I have something very important for you or at least I feel it's very very important

  15. Karen Bangert says:

    I'm on YouTube and I'm beginning to think you can't see me

  16. Karen Bangert says:

    There will be no justice for Gabby no justice for the newlyweds until we focus on the cover up that has happened in that department. I'm pretty sure two verbal statements are not physical evidence of Innocence

  17. Karen Bangert says:

    Honestly I think this is bigger than where's Waldo

  18. Karen Bangert says:

    The Moab Police department said kylen got off work 30 minutes before Brian arrived so that proves his innocence we have two verbal statements could possibly equal physical evidence right for sure yeah.. ummm

  19. Karen Bangert says:

    I have a Little Dutch blood in me and I love your accent and intelligence and your intelligent enough that to know that two verbal statements are not fizzle physical evidence that clears Brian but that's what Moab is giving us

  20. Karen Bangert says:

    I know that you are educated enough and intelligent enough to understand two verbal statements clearing Brian of murdering the newlyweds is not physical evidence right beautiful?

  21. Karen Bangert says:

    Moab police said kylen got off 30 minutes before Brian showed up at the Moon Cafe so they have a verbal statement she was off work. So the issue of verbal statement that proves there's no evidence of Brian murdering the newlyweds two verbal statements are our evidence

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