Gabby Petito Autopsy Report Full Press Conference | Wyoming Coroner Shares Cause of Death

Gabby Petito Autopsy Report will be revealed at the LIVE Press Conference with the Wyoming Coroner who will Shares Results

Watch Detective John Hubbard react to the news here:

Full 3 Hour Replay is available here for Members:

The Press conference will be at 2:30pm EST – we’ll be covering other updates before the press conference, then going live to the Wyoming Coroner for their update, where we expect the time and cause of death revealed. Will there be charges against Brian Laundrie? Unlikely but we’ll cover it.

Gabby Petito disappeared and became a missing person after a cross-country trip with her boyfriend in their van aka van life. Now that Gabby Petito found, what happened to Gabby Petito?

Gabby Petito was 22 years old from Blue Point, Long Island. She had a YouTube channel, Nomadic Statik – – that she shared with her partner, Brian Laundrie. They filmed and vlogged their travel experiences across the U.S. as “Van Lifers.”

During their adventures something terrible happened and Gabby Petito was last seen with Brian Laundrie on 24 August when she checked out of a hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah. The police confirmed that she was reported missing by her family on 11 September. Gabby Petito was found on 19 September. reported that Brian Laundrie’s parents refused to let North Port Police interview their son be interviewed at their home but said that the fact that Gabby Petito was missing is “odd.” A Spokesman for North Port Police said that they would love to talk to Brian Laundrie. At present Brian Laundrie has not spoken to the police and is missing himself, the police are unable to trace his whereabouts.

The parents refuse to confirm where Brian Laundrie is however on 20 September they were taken in by the FBI as part of their ongoing investigations into Gabby Petito and trying to find Brian Laundrie.

The autopsy confirmed the body found in Wyoming forest is missing YouTuber Gabby Petito. Gabby Petito’s body has been identified by the Autopsy.

On 22nd September 2021 the U.S. District Court of Wyoming issued a federal arrest warrant for Brian Laundrie pursuant to a Federal Grand Jury indictment related to Mr Laundrie’s activities following the demise of Gabbie Petito.

Gabby and Brian are now confirmed to have been caught fighting at the Merry Piglets, a restaurant in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on August 27th which is the same day that her mother received that “odd text” from Gabby. We’ll break down the details and how this affects the timeline.

Also Brian Laundrie Facebook page posts a message to the world, while many suspect it’s a fake page – it is linked to Brian’s official instagram account which does make this post extremely odd.

Now Brian has been possibly sighted in De Soto Park? Is Dog the Bounty Hunter on the right track to finding him?

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36 Responses

  1. Donna Swanson says:

    We don't know by evidence that Brian killed Gabby. There were now a 5th body found in same general area and I am still wondering why don't you think the escaped mental patient could have been Gabby's killer?

  2. hazel vance says:

    I'm sure she fought there should be evidence under her nails

  3. Sia says:

    The press on this white girl is insane…never the same on other cultures. But omg im sadden by this.

  4. J D says:

    Attorney is a lowlife just like Laundries nothing more need to say!

  5. Margie Mistretta says:

    What was the point of the coroner to give interview when he couldn't answer any questions

  6. Caroline McCollum says:

    Question with the findings of the 2nd male body found near gabby any connection? An does this support any 2nd person involved such as the rumor or being a serial killer

  7. Caroline McCollum says:

    Can the man answer any questions

  8. S H says:

    I really don't understand what BL and his parents are thinking by him hiding. HELLO – this is not going to blow over in a couple of weeks, Brian!! You are NEVER going to be able to re-surface and just go on about your life. If you EVER cared for her at all, you need to turn yourself in.

  9. Connie CornSilk says:

    I wonder if she had been drugged at all?

  10. Kevin R says:

    I hope all this money you make off her death will be donated to a survivers of abuse charity.

  11. Jesus Saves says:

    He seems annoyed to be answering these, I suppose because of her being a blonde and this being a circus is irritating to him. That took me off guard. This became big news because the parents made it big news, I don’t understand why her death is getting so much shade. I feel bad many aren’t getting the attention as hers, but with all do respect it became big because her parents sought for answers in such a public way because the Laundries said nothing. Idk that’s my honest opinion.

  12. Daveys Odyssey says:

    I believe it was a crime of passion and anger. His DV went too far. She could have been saved. I’m angry.

  13. Somara Son says:

    I know you share Gabby's story in order to spread awareness and to inform people. But aside from your content (and a few other law/crime genre channels) a lot of people have been reposting live news clips and making click bait thumbnails and titles to gain subscribers in masses. It's so sad and I continue to think of Gabby's family and friends.

  14. breelikesboys says:

    I rewatched this for the toxicology part!! Somehow I missed it.. actually I was upset they didn’t answer this question!This is very telling especially, if she did have drugs or alcohol in her system, they might withhold that information because it plays a potential role in the murder, and they don’t want to change our opinion on how we think of Gabby… especially before the trial.

  15. pjharriscpa says:

    Thanks for not saying manual strangulation and throttling like most other reports are saying as the coroner didn't say that and specifically stated he couldn't when asked. Do you know where these other "reporters" are getting their information?

  16. Donna Hope says:

    So are we gonna see law enforcement looking for BL.. Or are they on a break ??

  17. Shadowghost Cat says:

    The reasons why this is a popular young lady is because of she's a YouTuber and then the cases because of the mystery behind I don't like how he said maybe it's because she's a blonde I'm sorry but that's a load of BS

  18. K Chiloquin says:

    Well if she was not pregnant as was stated. That means that she did not like him. So it gives a motive.So it is very likely that he did kill her.

  19. Missyrahrah says:

    I am starting to get rather uncomfortable with ads on ALL the vids & livestream things on this case. THIS longgg ongoing affair of BL whereabouts is being used for likes, clicks, followers & subscribers. Clout chasing off the back of Gabby Petito being strangled to death.

  20. Roaming Roman says:

    We as citizens have tolerated the war waged against us for far too long. The greatest homeland security threat in America is the government population. It's time to eradicate them.

  21. S.K. says:

    They would also know Gabbys time of death by her Apple Watch if she was wearing it on that time..

  22. Roaming Roman says:

    she obviously didn't die the 22nd of August. I guess the men in black forced you to censor the interview. The coroner was lying. MIB fucks with me, I'll slaughter them all with a pearing knife.

  23. S.K. says:

    I was asking this on Twitter.. but does anyone know how long it will proximatly take to drive from Wyoming park to florida? Like how long is there in timeline he was using for that trip? When did he leave??

  24. DM says:

    Yes I agree! Very weird very unprofessional

  25. Dreyden says:

    I wish I never saw this story. It really bugs me, that he may never be caught. I just keep hoping the reason he will never be caught is because someone got their hands on him and got true justice.

  26. Amber Taylor says:

    Domestic violence can only mean a partner, Brian was her only partner so wheres his arrest warrant?

  27. Ruth Kirkwood says:

    Just thinking about when the police stopped Brian and Gabby…….it made me wonder if the scratches on his face was from Gabby trying to prevent him from attempting to strangle her at that time?

  28. anamaya dhyani says:

    Good to see your channel growing Andy.

  29. Misty Wilson says:

    This is the worst zoom meeting I've ever seen! Lordy. Someone needs to get them a tech support staff

  30. Alysane Blackwood says:

    @PopcornedPlanet just seen a video by a Youtuber called 'Gavin Fish True Crime' stating they have a leaked autopsy page that looks interesting. Document available on his website, thought you might want to see about verifying/debunking it with our resident detective. Appreciate all you guys are doing to keep us informed with relevant and accurate information

  31. Penny Rainer says:

    I want to know if they recovered any DNA from under her fingernails.

  32. Aline NaturElle says:

    That f*cking coroner appeared on TV just to do his own publicity. He didn’t answer any question, not even the most basic one : The day of death !!! He gave a very wide window from the 22nd to the 30th August, when all the evidences agree that #GabbyPetito was killed on the 27th of August.

    Seen from Europe this and a really crappy investigation, and a ZERO pointed to coroners, police & FBI.
    Hope that #brianlaundry (no even designed like a suspect, it's crazy !!!) will be found soon and alive, to tell his side of the story.
    Otherwise this pathetic and hopeless #gabbypetitocase could never been solved… 🙁

  33. Racing The Moon says:

    Homicide and murder are two different things. He slipped up and said Domestic Violence which is murder.

  34. Julie Lea says:

    I can't believe he mentioned DV, after saying he couldn't talk about the manner or cause of death, etc. That really surprised me, I wonder if he made a mistake?

  35. Popcorned Planet says:

    Watch Detective John Hubbard react to the news here:

    Full 3 Hour Replay is available here for Members:

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