Full Tutorial: DIY Hard Inquiry Removal | Credit Healing

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Remove Hard Inquries, Collections, Bankruptcies, Tax Liens, Late Payments, student loans, etc. and get excellent credit while spending little to nothing. If you want to get an 850 FICO Credit Score, this strategy is the easiest and most effect way to get there in 30 Days.

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30 Responses

  1. ALISA DAVIS says:

    Could you please remake this video. I am having a hard time hearing you. Thank you!

  2. frank mead says:

    You provide solid, helpful information. I wonder how soon after the hard inquiries are done can I dispute them. I have 3 from one month ago when I was searching for a mortgage? thank you.

  3. Ebony Davis says:

    So happy Ive found you I got the Diamond package today can wait to get started

  4. Kamruz Zaman says:

    What a nice credit heling

  5. Imad Guidouh says:

    Hi Credit Healing, Can you send me what you put in explanation (covered black) i would like to do it by my self.
    thank you very much.

  6. Marcus T. Williams says:

    Can I remove an inquiry that is linked to an open account??

  7. Aaron Pimble says:

    Can you remove an inquiry even if you get an approval? Are there an negative effects if so.

  8. MakeupWithMonica says:

    I have a question do We need to fill everything out in blue ink or can it be typed?

  9. Leonard Sykes says:

    I can't understand you, your voice is echoing. Please redo this video or post a link for a copy of this information.

  10. Fierce Meditation says:

    How many can i send at a time? I have 17 hard inquires can i send it all to the credit bureaus at once? I was told by lexington that i had to send them 4 at a time but i really wanna get them all at one shot

  11. Craig Luchin says:

    I'm in California, I bought a vehicle, but in my shopping I had 12 hard inquiries done in a one month period, I have heard (and I can't remember where) that in Ca. if you BUY a vehicle within 30 days of the first inquiry that any inquiries within that 30 day period would be combined into ONE inquiry. But this has not been changed on my reports. Is there any way I can get them consolidated into ONE inquiry?

  12. Sreten Ninkovic says:

    Hi Credit Healing, Can you send me what you put in explanation (covered black) i would like to do it by my self.
    thank you very much.

  13. Nick says:

    That end bit about the certified receipt for mailing the letter in a certified manner was helpful. Thank you.

  14. rick dickerson says:

    What's bad about it most of them are from the Equifax data breach and they still refuse to remove those

  15. rick dickerson says:

    I've been working on it for 7 months

  16. rick dickerson says:

    Yeah they told me they don't dispute inquiries to contact the creditors listed on the credit report

  17. Ben Michaels says:


  18. 2012COMPUTERREVIEWER says:

    C H !

  19. Marquin Brewer says:

    Credit Healing, if the credit bureaus verify your hard inquiry do you wait 30 days from receiving the letter for round 2?

  20. rick dickerson says:

    The credit bureaus told me they don't remove inquiries they will be on there for 24 months

  21. joseph B says:

    Can you send me this letter my eyes are very bad , But i did contact Transunion they told me to contact the company that placed the inquaries and have them send me a letter to remove the inquaries, is this legal i thought they had to remove it if they don't have a credit application?
    Please send the letter to hughplansdricter@gmail.com
    Thank you

  22. Daisy F says:

    Also obe credit bureau removed them other one said it valid could I use a letter from other bureau who removed to mail to other 2?

  23. Rene Britton says:

    Do you happen to sell just the Hard Inquiry Letters by themselves?

  24. queensofspades decs says:

    So the second round do you send copies of previous letter you sent with printed inquries?

  25. d3rsk0n says:

    Do you attach a Copy of Photo id and SSN card for this particular Letter or Not ?

  26. Dianne Caceres says:

    I tho I have to email to each creditor … and then equifax or any other

  27. Corbin Cartwright says:

    I sent this letter to TransUnion and they sent me a letter back and told me to contact the creditor ?

  28. Debra Flores says:

    Can you tell me what exactly we suppose to put in the black out part??

  29. Unapologetic Self Care says:

    I don’t understand the black-out explanation

  30. mariame jalloh says:

    Thank you for making this video.

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