Full military funeral for Vietnam veteran mistakenly shot and killed by an Aurora police officer

Family, friends and veterans gathered for an emotional funeral service Saturday honoring Richard “Gary” Black.


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37 Responses

  1. K says:

    The Aurora cop who shot him had killed another man a month earlier not far from this shooting. APD failed to realize that they had a trigger happy cop on their hands.

  2. diena ong says:

    Cops are just incompetent and trigger-happy.Frag the pigs.

  3. Tyler Bailey says:

    He died needlessly not a hero. The cops were scared and trigger happy. They murdered an innocent man. What they did is murder. It was not self defense because he did not try to attack them in any way shape or form.

  4. Kenny says:

    Police are idiots.

  5. asueft says:

    I don't believe police narrative, cops are cowardly and as soon as they see you with a gun THEY SHOOT. They say DROP YOUR GUN only after they see you bleeding out

  6. John Walsh says:

    police should at least pay for the funeral fuck em. aurora cops the most incompetent cops in the USA.

  7. apb38 says:

    I sure would like to see that video. I bet his hand was pointed down even as he was killed.

  8. Howard Lucas says:

    There must probably be only a few people that dont hate the police .

  9. Petitte Shaman says:

    Its not "mistaken"
    Its on purpose. The police shot him on purpose, dont ever said it was by mistake.

  10. R J says:

    Domestic terrorist gangs of thugs, never handle anything correctly. A bunch of Dumb thugs.

  11. david lamunyon says:

    Police around denver are a joke!

  12. KC Ronn says:

    It's about time the table s turn.

  13. joe abrams says:

    You gotta give them time to edit, you know what I mean.

  14. Phil Plett says:

    He didn't die defending his home, he was murdered.

  15. Lonnie Hegwood says:

    Hes a hero and was asked to drop his weapon. How many black men were just shot who didn't have a gun but was assumed to have one.

  16. daniel smarkevateh says:

    mistakenly shot .. lol ..

  17. John Pitchlynn says:

    The Officers need to be arrested and charged with murder AND fired and never allowed to work in law enforcement or related field for life

  18. Mark McCormick says:

    I seriously doubt this hero pointed his gun at any police.. this is why most Americans fear police as they are over and above any and all laws and have a license to kill… never trust any cop, they are not your friends.. they are only there to extort you at the very least…

  19. One species -Human says:

    Cops taking out the real American

  20. M Czar says:

    Wow unbelievable may he rest in peace

  21. Donald Scobie says:

    Leave it up to the police to protect a sex offender.

  22. lil al capone says:

    Thank you Capt. Black for your courage,sacrifice,and your service……..

  23. bubbasmith179 says:

    You can not be mistakenly shot . Bullets do not fire themselves .

  24. rflegal12 says:

    Message to police. Don’t f*#% with or take cheap shots against the military, we have more weapons, ammo and personnel than you do. You will not win.

  25. Titan Fall says:

    Defund the Police!

  26. Danny Moss says:

    Blue line terrorists strike again

  27. Miles Boehmer says:

    That is so far past sad , I am sorry for your lose ! U S ARMY VET !

  28. joelfromportland says:

    The cop responsible should be locked up for life in GP.

  29. Nonof Yourbiz says:

    We need the fight the oppressors or get enslaved by the illuminati's agenda21.
    Protect yourself and your family against these sell-outs and puppets.

  30. LaLa Black says:

    Mistakenly my A**

  31. Edward Johnson says:

    Why did they allow those cops at the funeral .

  32. Mercas Ed says:

    Surviving vietnamn and get killed by his own

  33. Phoenix 21 says:

    Wasn't no damn mistake those trigger happy no good cops do that shit all the time.

  34. Tom C. says:

    All body cam footage should be released to the public immediately. releasing the information does not change anything in the court of law. The secrecy just allows for the police to better do a cover-up.

  35. Tom C. says:

    remember when we were kids and police officers would proudly State how they had retired from the police department having never pulled their gun? That was a sign of Honor when a police officer could think his way out of trouble and talk his way into people's hearts and just carried respect with him. Now police just think if they pulled their gun they get instant respect which is not true. The day of the policeman with integrity and true bravery is over

  36. Tom C. says:

    Any American who protects his home against police is a hero and the police are the criminals. In this case it was just incompetent police shooting a man before knowing what was going on.

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