Friday Night Funkin': VS Minus Sonic.EXE Full Week + Cutscenes + Endings – FNF Creepypasta Mod

VS Sonic.EXE is one of the best horror Friday Night Funkin’ Mod out there and today we’ll play the minus version of it. This minus Sonic.EXE has all sprites remade in minus style. The death animations are getting new designs as well. The original mod has done a great job capturing the true Sonic.EXE as described in the creepypastas and I feel like it’s best leave it that way. However this minus mod also gives us a new approach to the characters. Besides, the creator (Hottler) puts a lot of effort into it. So that’s why we are showcasing this mod today. All the songs are played in Hard difficulty. Enjoy!


00:00 Minus Sonic.EXE Animation Preview
00:12 New Minus Sonic.EXE Death Animation
00:38 New Minus Majin Sonic Death Animation
00:48 Intro
1:32 Menu
1:40 Opening Cutscene
1:52 Act 1: Too Slow Song (BF vs Sonic.EXE)
5:02 Ending Cutscene
5:17 Act ?: Execution Song (BF vs Lord X Sonic.EXE)
7:28 Act Infinitive: Endless Song (BF vs Majin Sonic.EXE)
10:25 Outro

– Minus skin for VsSonic.exe
Creator: Hottler:

– Original Minus Mod:
@IagoAnims – Design and Animation
@AshGray_Art – Design
@pyroblujay – Design
@Ness – Design
@DevilHare – Contest Winner
@Smokey_5 – Coding
@bbpanzu – Coding
@Rozebud – Coding
@Cval – Coding
@hayasgpt – Coding
@Artemiy_Kopych – Minus tankman concept

– Original Vs. Sonic.Exe

Rightburst – Directed the mod, made ‘Sonic.exe’ sprites, put the team together, modified some backgrounds, made that one creepy sonic face (used as one of the face assets for the jumpscare), made the ‘Majin BF face’, assets for too-slow ending cutscene, drew assets for end cutscene, and made da logos.

Razencro – Main Programming, animated ‘Sonic.exe’ sprites, drew/animated ‘Sonic.exe’ jumpscare in ‘too-slow’, animated/edited [intro credits video, intro cutscene, ‘too-slow’ beginning cutscene, ‘too-slow’ ending cutscene, trailers], drew a small amount of assets in cutscenes, made story mode menu music, put together menu assets, drew/animated ‘Majin Sonic’ up pose, charted ‘endless’, made some sfxs (some menu sfxs, static sfx, static note mechanic sound and game over sounds, some laugh sounds), modified some backgrounds, made story mode/main menu music, drew that simple jumpscare image in ‘too-slow’, lua modcharted too-slow, animated majin bf boyfriend stuff (also sfxs for dat game over shiz), and video editor.

MarStarBro – Main Composer, Composed ‘Too Slow’ and ‘Endless’, Charted ‘too-slow’, made some sounds effects (jumpscare sound, intro cutscene glitched music/sound, and static note glitched coin sound).

Comgaming_Nz – Did the main stage backgrounds [too-slow, endless], drew assets for trailer n cutscenes [intro cutscene, ‘too-slow’ beginning and end cutscene], set the style for ‘Majin Sonic’ sprites (drew idle pose for ‘Majin Sonic’).

Zekuta – Drew/animated the majority of the ‘Majin Sonic’ poses and animated the secret song background.

Crybit – Programming, helped finish the Story Mode Menu (fixed difficuly selector thing), programmed Sound Test Menu, polished some main menu stuff (cool moving spikies), figure out how to make notes change mid song (endless), programmed cool starting screens, mid song zoom effects (endless), coded cool majin game over stuff, made sound test unlockable, unlock screen, helped add mp4 support, added cool option to help people with poopy pcs not have crashing games cause jumpscare animation, and made note spin thingy in endless.

Friday Night Funkin’ is a musical rhythm game where you compete in freestyle music battles. Press the arrow keys in time with the music to outdo your opponents and enjoy the cool beats!

Friday Night Funkin’ is also supported by a large community of modders, artists, coders… Many popular Friday Night Funkin’ mods are being enjoyed all over the world such as Vs Whitty, Vs Hex, Vs TABI, Sketchy…

This version of the game is open-source on Github and available under the Apache 2.0 license. If you want the most recent version of FNF, including Week 7, you can play it on Newgrounds.

Get the game and support the creators of the game!


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43 Responses

  1. Zead_mohamed Elbaroudy says:

    In song endless i be like it i dance
    And sonic. Exe too slow

  2. Hacker BG says:

    2:05 sonic.exe um look at talis

  3. NDEY SANNEH says:


  4. I likez a biscuit says:

    You swapped death animations

  5. Amogus says:

    Anyone notice that majins poses has a moustache and his idle is him without the moustache

  6. sonic cool809 says:


  7. Erlinda Lines says:

    Majin (dies)

  8. Erlinda Lines says:

    Majin vs LORD X

  9. Erlinda Lines says:

    Lord X about to rob bank

  10. Erlinda Lines says:

    LORD X is wearing Nike t-shirt

  11. BudgieDev says:

    Endless act Balls

  12. Jakub Poglodzinski says:


  13. СОНЯ ШУЛЬЦ says:


  14. Awesome Possum says:

    The fnf community has a tendency of ruining good mods

  15. Paloma Ramirez says:

    No. 2. Weaks

  16. Mehr SparenYT says:

    Did you know? That the meaning of Majin is demon or devil? So it means the real name of Majin Sonic is Demon Sonic or Devil Sonic

  17. Veronica Gonzalez says:

    The jumpscare sounds like a train…

  18. Veronica Gonzalez says:

    They even made tails in minus character, even tho he's dead.

  19. Самара Изакова says:


  20. You’ll have to answer actions and god may not be says:

    7:45 what a gentleman

  21. You’ll have to answer actions and god may not be says:

    Sonic minus ain’t terrifying

  22. Hello Hi says:

    when the sonic is sus

  23. Vihaan Singha says:

    Only one small touch . Regular Sonic.exe needs to have a Red Microphone.

  24. DanAriel says:

    D R I P S O N I C

  25. Jovit Dignos says:

    Sonic Exe…

  26. chex playz says:

    I like how tails is minus

  27. Tristan Pelletier says:

    What's up with the idol animation, for all of them, it feels like something off, not in a scary way

  28. Alyssa Terrazas says:

    I like the lord x sonic.exe phase 3

  29. Vishruth Rocks says:

    And they all are wearing clothes

  30. Vishruth Rocks says:

    It is nice that when Sonic hits a static note his face becomes static

  31. TheMathewPlay says:

    My favorite part
    The third song is reference to Sdamos and Thorns i think.

  32. SES squad says:

    sonic exe amd lord x and majin is in sonic exe mod if you beat in hard mod in too slow you get song test

  33. SES squad says:


  34. SES squad says:

    i have ace mod

  35. SES squad says:

    socin ,

  36. SES squad says:

    but loid ghh

  37. Eren Arashi says:

    I loved that Sonic.Exe's jumpscare was the screen for I'm God

  38. tho nguyen says:


  39. Nevan Nathan Noah Gilles says:

    Sonic seem like hes wearing clothes this time he doesn't want to be with no clothes this time

  40. LuLGamingg says:

    The creator did put a lot of effort into this mod: all sonic sprites are remade. Even the death animations.
    Do you like this minus style on Sonic.EXE?

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