FREE Personal & Business CREDIT Webinar! Increase Your Score! Build BUSINESS Credit! (Replay)

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FREE Personal & Business CREDIT Webinar! Increase Your Score! Build BUSINESS Credit! (Replay)

Problem: Low Credit Scores, No Personal or Business Credit, Credit Denials, Too Much Debt 🤷🏽‍♀️

Solution: Credit Leveraged Lifestyle

Credit Builder Card (Revolving Credit):

SelfLender Credit Builder Account (Installment Credit – Get 24 Month Option):

What are you waiting for? If you want DIFFERENT results, you must do something DIFFERENT 💯

Credit Leveraged Lifestyle Course:

~BI-WEEKLY Zoom Meetings
~LIVE Q&A Sessions with ME
~Private FB Group
~Lifetime Access
~FREE Student Loan Consultations
~”Winner’s Circle” Contests
~Dedicated Coordinator
~Over 50 Videos
~Lender Partnerships
~Understanding Personal Credit
~Building Business Credit
~PDF Guides
~Audio Voice Over Slides
~Business Vendor Accounts
~Business Credibility Blueprint
~Glossary of Terms
~Proven System
~Dispute Letter Templates
~Sample Reports
~Investigation Request Forms
~Free Workshops & Guests
~Network Referrals
…….and MORE!

🗣 Outcomes = PRICELESS

▶️ ENROLL in Credit Leveraged Lifestyle (Online Course – Link in Bio)

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📢 GOAL: Leverage CREDIT to build wealth!

📢 LIMITED Availability!

📢 I worked for Trans Union!

📢 Learn from a REAL Expert!

📢 Board Certified Credit Consultant!

📢 Certified Credit Score Consultant!

📢 Over 20 years Experience!

📢 Purchased my FIRST property at 21!

📢 Credit Coach for Make Real Estate Real!

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  1. jay Gee tv says:

    Level up

  2. Nay says:

    I start with self lender for 12months.

  3. Nay says:

    Lemon water great for Asthma, peppermint tea best for it too. I'm all ears your the best

  4. Hernioce Joseph says:

    Hi gorgeous, how are you doing
    I watch the video you post a couple of months ago about the pay to delete. I called my creditor today and was told if paid in full they will send me a letter of deletion. But they don't provide a letter before payment of our agreements….. should I pay it and have good faith they'll delete it and send me the agreement after??

  5. albert andrews says:

    I’m just looking for an affordable price so I can get started

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