Franken Tearfully Honors Sen. Paul Wellstone On 15th Anniversary Of Plane Crash – Full Speech

Senator Paul Wellstone (D-MN) was killed in a plane crash 15 years ago on Oct 25, 2002. Senator Al Franken (D-MN) now holds Wellstone’s seat and took to the Senate floor Tuesday night to remember his friend.

Statement from Senator Al Franken’s office:

“Paul was a tireless, passionate champion for working families, for veterans, for farmers, and for those who simply needed a voice. His life and his work meant a lot to Minnesota, and it inspired my own time in the Senate. I keep Paul’s picture and Senate nameplate in my office as a reminder of him, and each day I serve, I think back to his words: ‘Politics is not about power. Politics is not about money. Politics is not about winning for the sake of winning. Politics is about the improvement of people’s lives.’

“While it’s been 15 years now since our good friend Paul was last with us, his legacy lives on in so many ways. It lives on in the generation of students and activists he trained and inspired in Minnesota. It lives on in the policies he fought for here in the Senate—for access to mental health care, for a cleaner environment, and making sure working families get a fair shot. And it lives on in the countless lives he touched, including my own. Franni and I miss Paul—he truly made us better—and Minnesota misses him too. I hope his legacy will continue to inspire future generations.”


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12 Responses

  1. Jett Rink says:

    Hey man… It's Saturday Night Live man

  2. Actual Ideas says:

    Aren’t police officers more prone to domestic violence? I heard they don’t get punished as hard as us lowly civilians either. Apparently they are above the law and all men aren’t created equal

  3. Nicholas Bell says:

    I wonder if Al Franken was punished for this by being thrown into the me-too movement by the media. They found a picture, convinced the woman to tell a story about it, and when she finally realized what was happening, she came clean, but it was too late. Al was done.

  4. ThePopularDelusion says:

    Al Franken, THE disgraced jester of the U.S. Senate. An embarrassment for Minnesota. I can't even say I'm from Minnesota when out of state, cause of this ^^^^ assgrabbing joker.

  5. Brad Gibbs says:

    Wellstone and Franken were puppets for big companies like oil and pharmaceutical companies. They did NOT work for the people of Minnesota.

  6. Lars Larsen says:

    He would have been President but the CIA killed him.they kill the intelligent people and keep the idiots brown nosing psychopaths

  7. Andrea Orengo says:

    Love AL

  8. Barf Rockskin says:

    Franken the pervert can go to hell.

  9. Riseofwaffles says:

    Wellstone – the most respectable man ever served in the Senate!

  10. 1111Pel says:

    Al please PLEASE run for 2020!   PLEASE!

  11. Jeremy says:

    A nice song remembering the Wellstones.

  12. david eisenbud says:

    I like Senator Franken, but his speaking style reminds me of how a bar mitzvah boy sounds reading the torah.

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