This is your stimulus check and stimulus package update for November 13th, where we release key details on the upcoming relief bills in Congress.
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With the Build Back Better plan and bipartisan infrastructure bill currently being debated on in congress, both bills have a chance to pass within the next couple of months. Follow along for key updates along the way on both stimulus bills!

Rental Relief –
National Low Income Housing Coalition Rental Assistance Programs –
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau –
Check California Payment Status –
Child Tax Credit Sign Up –
SNAP Benefits Increase (Check your state) –
$1,400 Stimulus Check For Social Security Recipients –
$2,000 Recurring Stimulus Payments –

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27 Responses

  1. Maria Lourdes says:

    Can anybody here have any idea about Child Tax being retracted because my husband (who filed tax) passed away last October 21th.

    Does he have to live in the US to be eligible for child tax?

  2. Maria Lourdes says:

    Hi Josh do you have any idea about Child Tax being Retracted? Because my husband (who filled tax) passed away October 21.

  3. Georgia Barrett says:

    Yet again nothing on 4th stimulus why do u click bate people idk unreal

  4. Dennis Ward says:

    For months you keep saying this why you keep filling people head with lies. Please respond to this

  5. Dennis Ward says:

    Josh. How long you gonna keep saying check is coming. You have people hopes up to think they gonna get some kind. Of relief

  6. Harold Rose says:

    Build Back Better plan is to shut down one more pipeline so the gas will be $7 to $8 dollars a gallon

  7. Debra Dinkins says:

    What the hell is going on with you congress, y'all can't pass a simple bill for seniors to get the stimulus package they need!!! Y'all are the most stupidest bunch of people I have ever known. All of y'all need to get fired. The table will turn on y'all. Wake the hell up. We need help here.

  8. Skull Raper says:

    These people keep trying to push this garbage on Americans with the narrative it doesn’t cost Americans a dime but the proof speaks for itself. Right now America’s inflation is at an all time high and brain dead Biden hasn’t even been in office a year and Americans are paying for his and the rest of the morons in Washington. Brain dead Biden and horse face kamala and melt down Pelosi and circle back Jen Saki who are trying their damndest to hide the fact that these morons have sold our country out to Russia and China and this video even proves the fact when this traitor says our corporations can take our jobs from Americans and contract other countries to do it for less. This is not brain dead Bidens build back better plan it’s screw the American taxpayers over plan while destroying our country over plan??
    Everyone that’s to ignorant to see what’s going on or that’s too blind needs to wake up and send a clear picture to Washington and tell all them
    “ Let’s Go Brandon “ and all the rest of the traitors let them all know we are taking our country back!!

  9. Sheila Skeen says:

    This president has not been off in the office one year yet give him a break all you people do is complain you complain Trump Ran this country to ground didn't care when we all had COVID-19 killed millions of Americans now we got a president that actually cares won't you try giving him a break

  10. Cheryl Duncan says:

    Us people on ssi needs help now

  11. Cheryl Duncan says:

    Yeah they just leave the American people with out nothing

  12. Helen Cassandra says:

    I'm so happy to be making over $19,000 from my $6,000 Investment every 13 days.

  13. Helen Cassandra says:

    I'm no longer waiting for the EDIL GRANT LOAN because I earn $26,700 every 10 days recently.

  14. Mike Sanchez says:

    Just say yes Or no about it and thas it

  15. Michael Veis says:

    This bill will never get over the Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema Wall. It's impenetrable and indestructible.

  16. Michael Veis says:

    4th stimulus checks will never happen. Impossible.

  17. GOOD CITIZEN says:

    They vote every week and nothing . No money for the people . Money for road and illegals that come into the USA with a price of $ 450,000 , Yes nearly a half million for every illegal and NOTHING for us American's . No stimulus money for us when we are in a pandemic that is not over .

  18. Celia Bryan says:

    You all need to do something fast cause people are suffering out here

  19. John Moore says:

    Josh Americans need another stimulus package now things are hard inflation has put a strain on most middle class Americans. Please congress and sleepy joe wake up we need another stimulus check before Christmas otherwise this will not be a merry Christmas I hope u guys come to ur senses what do u think Josh is it possible ?

  20. Betty Harris says:

    Hey. Josh

  21. Arturo Wanner says:

    Another useless update from another useless person

  22. Yvonne Moore says:

    Are we getting a fourth stimulus check?

  23. Yvonne Moore says:

    Good Monday Morning Everyone! Be Blessed and be Safe ! Have a Blessed Day

  24. Melissa Davidson says:

    I won't trump back in. Biden will not help us . I can't wait till he gets put out.

  25. Melissa Davidson says:

    I'm on a fixed. Income and don't no how we supposed to make it .

  26. Teresa Harris says:

    We do not need new roads and buildings, until they help the American people first! No! not another vacation until this second bill is done and people helped now!

  27. Josh Anderson says:

    Happy Monday everyone. Hope you had a great weekend! 🙂
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