Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell Dies – General William Ward + Eric Ham

Colin Powell -the first African-American US secretary of state has died. He was 84 years-old and his family say he died from complications relating to Covid-19. He had been fully vaccinated.
Mr Powell served in several Republican administrations and his leadership helped shape US foreign policy. At the time when he was sworn in as the 65th American secretary of state in 2001 he was the highest ranking African-American to hold a post in any administration. In 2003 he made -what we now regard- as a notorious speech at the United Nations which paved the way for the US to go to war in Iraq. Across four decades in public life he served as the nation’s top soldier, diplomat and security adviser.

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  1. ChiismLive says:

    General Powel was great leader, and a man of admirable moral ethics. He will be sorely missed. May his soul rest in perfect peace. – Udemezue Onyioha

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