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20 Responses

  1. Client Dispute Manager Credit Repair Software says:

    Get Your Free 3 Powerful Dispute Letters and Dispute Checklist here:
    Join the Dispute Letter Club: Learn more here:

  2. Kim Fields says:

    You need to have all the paperwork in order to know if they've received the correct information

  3. Arefeh Shahani says:

    Hello Mr. Mark
    For the last two month I am working with credit repair company, they send the letters and I also spoke to one of the collection agency to remove the collection after I settle with them. They agreed and they sent the promising letter. I am waiting to remove it from my credit bureaus. I paid off my car note and I had 3 late payment and I spoke to them and they remove it too. It seems I am paying for credit repair agency but I am doing the work. The credit repair agency asked me what was reason I was behind my payment and I told them and they said they will challenge with cradit bureaus not with the lenders to remove all those negative remark from my credit. Is that true ? Can credit bureaus remove those negatives remarks directly with bureaus? If I want to work with you how to contact you.

  4. Quint Sereal says:

    Great video I had to click something so i choose to comment!

  5. M B says:

    this is the best credible book i every bought for credit repair

  6. Milous Carson says:

    Does it matter if it is a old collection or is this letter only for recent collections on report?

  7. Sanya Taffe says:

    For more information on starting a credit repair business, please visit or call at 1-888-959-1462

  8. Anthony Bray says:

    I wanted to know do u fix credit

  9. Abdul Hakeem says:

    I owe Macy's $350, which is a small amount, but it is now a Closed Account and a negative mark on my report. I contacted them, and they are telling me that since it is a little over 5 years, Minnesota Law does not let them try to collect in court, and anything I send them is voluntary. The account is now owned my CIti Bank, and I offered to pay them the full amount if they remove the account from my report, and they said they can't remove accurate information from my report. My question is, Are they REQUIRED to even report information about my account? Couldn't they just cease reporting ANYthing about my account? Couldn't we agree that if I pay, they will stop reporting anything about my account?

  10. vera tarver says:

    I just came across your channel Question I have quite a few charge off accounts, they have been sold to MCM collection, Can. I still get them removed.? Can I still do this. myself a d do you think I have to hire someone? Tha is for your time.

  11. Keep On Pushing Enterprises KOPE says:

    Great info

  12. Sonya says:

    I have sent several letters and personally prefer to have someone else do it.

  13. George Senda says:

    How do you get the “ first reported date “ changed ? I have 2 accounts with 2 cellphone companies that I refused to pay because their phines wouldn’t work & despite trying for months they never worked. I got phones before my Mother died in 2014, yet they say the accounts were opened in 2015 & 2016. Verizon kept dropping calls. A T & T kept dropping the phone into data every month. Neither were able to fix it.



  15. Sandy Purpose Driven Turner says:

    I have

  16. Sandy Purpose Driven Turner says:

    Thank you for sharing the knowledge

  17. Jenny Girl says:

    I sent a letter to my creditor and did not say I disputed it. I checked my credit 2 weeks later and the collection company tagged my account with the comment that I was disputing and it was resolved. It was not disputed nor was it resolved. Resolved in their opinion. They just sent a contract between them and the org. Creditor that they bought the debt. They are double dipping considering the org. Creditor wrote it off and took a tax credit for it. So second round of letters are being mailed today.

  18. Jenny Girl says:

    I sent a basic letter to each collection account I had. I either didnt get a response or they sent me statements from the org creditor or a contract between them and the org. Creditor. So then I have sent a more detailed one.

  19. james harvey says:

    Great stuff mr clayborne

  20. Gregory Blanks says:

    Thank you for giving this info to us for free.

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