Fixing Credit Fast! (Late Payments, Collections, and Credit Cards)

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Fixing Credit Fast! Tips for removing late payments, collection accounts, and getting breathing room on maxed out credit cards!

This video goes over multiple ways to fix your credit score. We focus on removing late payments, avoiding and removing collections. Also some ways to help with maxed out credit cards. Some of these can raise your credit score by 200 points fast. I also cover the credit scores needed to buy a house.

0:00 Intro
2:00 Top 3 Negatives
2:57 Fixing Late Payments
4:23 Removing Collection Accounts
7:13 Maxed Out Cards

I am a real estate agent from Michigan, and I publish videos every week. So make sure you hit the subscribe link below. Also feel free to me anytime, with real estate or finance questions.

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can you dispute late payments on credit report

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  1. caleya world says:

    Great video

  2. Ed Butler - Detroit says:

    What has been your biggest credit hurdle?

  3. Lenyie Ngbogbara says:

    Awesome video, very helpful during the credit journey!! You’ve given me loads of great advice to improve my credit over the years!

  4. Realtor Hustle Of The Day says:

    Great video!

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