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9 Responses

  1. selina pena says:


  2. KMAC1031 says:

    Appreciate the video and the dispute letter. Is that going to the bureaus or creditor’s? Level up!

  3. Box Chevy Champ says:

    Thanks for the blessings bruh, We gonna level up real big for 22….

  4. Greta Cobb says:

    Love your platform!!! I am doing the work!

  5. Tony Perkins says:

    Get those positive tradelines. That’s what I have done, now I don’t need secured card. You have to crawl before you can walk.

  6. Melanie Keen says:

    Dispute everything? Charge offs from 6 years plus years ago?

  7. Big Lem says:

    Keep da info coming bro!!

  8. Kemonte Rogers says:

    God bless you King Thanks for everything… I'm adopting you… lol We cousins now…. I appreciate you KING so so so much

  9. michael gonzalez says:

    Hey man I just want to say I'm a new subscriber! I've been watching your videos back to back. Words can't explain how much influence you have. Happy new year bro! And thanks for the amazing videos. CHANGING LIVES!

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