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Always consult a financial advisor or attorney for the most accurate information that pertains to your credit or homebuying situation!

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How to Write a Dispute Letter Step-by-Step for Derogatory Marks:

FIRST: pull your credit report & identify what is lowering your score.
Navigate to Experian or (they have free trials) and pull your 3 reports + Scores! has reports but DOES NOT display scores.


-1. You don’t have ENOUGH credit established.
-2. You have late payments on your report.
-3. You have accounts in COLLECTIONS
-4. Your accounts are closed to being maxed out
-5. You have a public record such as a bankruptcy or foreclosure.

-CALL the creditor and negotiate the terms of the debt and ask if they can adjust your account status back to current/paid.
-EXPLAIN you are having a tough time and ask if they can remove the late payment as a COURTESY.
-IDENTIFY any inaccuracies and dispute it.

-DISPUTE, DISPUTE, DISPUTE any errors or inaccuracies (name, account opened date, account amount, etc)
-Ask the lender to VALIDATE the debt
-ASK FOR “PAY FOR DELETION”* while I don’t recommend this method, here is how it can be used: Get a letter from the collection agency that states they will DELETE the negative account from your Credit Report, upon receipt of payment. If the account balance is already “$0.00” but the status of the negative collection is still on your report, dispute the debt anyway with the credit bureaus.
-If (Equifax, Experian and/or TransUnion) cannot prove the debt, it’ll get removed*
*According to FCRA Section 609/611 guidelines.

1. Pay down OR PAY OFF your credit cards, loans or any revolving accounts,
2. Ask for the credit card company to raise your credit limit-(DO NOT USE MORE CREDIT; BE RESPONSIBLE).

-NOT impossible, but it’s very hard to do
-Dispute any errors or inaccuracies (ex-spouse’s debt, etc).
-Ask an attorney if this can be rectified. I cannot advise on this.

THIS is the exact way to FIX a bad credit score, WITHOUT PAYING a company to help you do it! All of these steps can be taken TODAY to increase your score and remove derogatory marks from your credit report. Having a higher credit score will help you save money with a lower interest rate, getting approved for a home or an apartment, and will even help you get a better job!!! YES, EMPLOYERS CHECK CREDIT!!

I raised my credit score over 300+ points and I didn’t have to pay anyone! The most common misconception of improving one’s credit score is that if you pay your collections accounts reported on your credit report, this will help your credit score. WRONG! I will explain why disputing collections accounts from your credit report is the BEST method to raise your score! Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. This is strictly for informational purposes and does not replace the advice from a financial advisor, credit bureaus agent, or attorney. I do not offer credit repair.

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disputing paid collections on credit report

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  1. Lillian Sanders-Nixon says:

    I love all your videos I’ve watched so far. My husband and I are going to become first time home buyers. I’m 49 and he’s 45. He’s a Veteran and every time we try to get a VA Loan the bank ask us to have a credit score of 640 or even 580. But we continue to have credit issues. Our income is great with 4 sources of income but why are we constantly asked for high credit scores if VA Loan has no credit score requirement? My husband was hurt during service and receives disability through the VA. We really need help, please help us understand. We live in Jacksonville FL currently.

  2. Agway Healing Center says:

    congratulations on the baby and the house … how cam I reach u

  3. D B says:

    So is there a good ceedit repair service?

  4. Cordarryl Gleese says:

    How can I access these templates?

  5. Juanita Lee says:

    Thanks again for another great video!!! I just purchased your kit and bought you a coffee ! Congratulations on the new home and new baby

  6. Lynn T says:

    My school loans are largest amounts of debt. If I consolidate all of those into one, is it worth it? I thought it'd help with increasing my score before trying to buy a house

  7. sasha francis says:

    Are all the credit repair documents in the home buying kit??

  8. tawana gorham says:

    First off love you so much the information you give makes me so happy. Question me and my husband brought a home 2 years ago but we have decided to separate and divorce in the pursuit of buying a new home could i still qualify for a first time home owners loan??

  9. Andrew Hampton says:

    hi i just found your channel today and i’m so grateful for you. i’m not ready to buy a house yet but it’s great to the know this information. and congrats on your family wishing you nothing but the best .

  10. Kimberley Arceneaux says:

    Hi, what would you suggest in removing late payments for credit card?

  11. KING OGUN says:

    Your Hair style is Banging sweetie

  12. aidylweiss says:

    Hi Jaz! If I wanted to send a letter about late payments, could I use a template in your kit?

  13. Uniquely Singh’s says:

    Are you familiar with rural housing loans? I believe the do not require a down payment also.

  14. Rob Sampson says:

    Do you do finance seminars? If so what's your contact info

  15. ML Davis says:

    Thanks for the information, and congratulations on the weight loss; You look Great!!

  16. Queen Peterson says:

    Hi ,how about a usda loan ?

  17. Anima Bella says:

    Is it possible to buy a house with a 450 Credit Score? Are there any first time home buying programs for people with bad credit like this?

  18. Domi says:

    Hey Jazzy! I had a question about mortgage. I applied for a mortgage loan, but I had told the people to please put my application on hold. They said “I have you on hold. Let me know when you are ready.”

    I check my credit a few weeks out and they ran my credit. They said, “Yes we did run your credit on Sept. 13 – the inquiry would not have hurt your score because First Centennial pulled it 2 weeks earlier and all pulls from the same industry within 30 days count as one pull.” Is this correct? I just want to make sure! I trust you girl!

  19. Jay Letics says:

    What about wholesale real estate or buying a house that’s low, but needs some work done? Is it the same process Jazzy

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