Find These 9 COMMON Credit Report Errors & Get Results

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Today we’re going over 9 different common credit report inaccuracies & errors as well as how to remove them from your credit report. You can learn more at on how to find these common credit report errors and inaccuracies, how to write a credit report dispute letter, how to use them to remove charge-offs and collections, and specific credit repair dispute letter strategies/tactics.


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⭐️ Video notes:
We’re going over the nine, most common factual inaccuracies on my show you how to use them to get your deletions.
Now make sure that you come to the channel tomorrow because we’re going over different – item types.
I’m going to show you how they differentiate from one another and how to use those to get your results.
And if you want to learn how to do factual based disputes just head right over to Vault dot my, check out all of these awesome resources, including the subscriber Hub, which is free.
Or if you want to see if I could do this for you head over to
All right, so let’s Let’s jump right into this.
So we’re going to go over a missing creditor name and account number incorrect, balances incorrect, credit limits collections with a credit limit late payments after closed undoubtedly payments incorrect, account types date of last activity in date verified discrepancies.
Okay, these are going to be on your credit report and you’re going to likely get results from disputing.
Okay, so I start with module one, most common errors and how to use them.
To get your delusions are Corrections.
And obviously we’re going over inaccuracies for factual-based credit sweeps.
Okay, so missing creditor name and account number.
This is probably the least potent a factual error, so look for.
But if you have nothing else to use, then you can use this.
Now example, this be reason would be this listing is incomplete.
It’s missing the date of the last payment.
Delete it, their credit bureaus, me.
Just correct and update it.
I mean, obviously that happens and if it does Happen.
You should get the docs from the Creditor to verify the bureau updated correctly.
And in some cases.
The Creditor will have no record of the count and the bureau didn’t actually have the anything because obviously their job is to get rid of you and our job is to continue disputing.
Use the information we have available to us on the credit report and get our results.
So if the Creditor States there’s no record use the letter to get a deletion.
Okay, because remember anything that we have that can be used as proof.
We need to use it.
That means transactions and statements and credit.
In everything incorrect, balances.
Now, this is the most common with collections because some, and, yes, I know there’s type of their debt collectors.
One influence, excuse me inflict as much damage as possible to the consumers, credit score in order to coerce them into paying.
So you’re going to look for balances that are higher than the high balance.
Obviously, that’s a mathematical impossibility, but it happens.
And if they can has been sold or transferred to another lender a collector, the balance on the original account, should be zero.
Okay, if the account is, He paid charge off or paid collection is being reported correctly.
It may not be smart or necessary to try to remove it.
Remember removing neutral items can sometimes cause a Consumers Credit Report and drop.
So if positive and transferred are sold, but the original still showing open with zero balance and nothing derogatory, leave it alone.
And yes, I know my, I just had something go off of my computer.
I apologize.
All right, incorrect.
Credit limits banks, will often not report the actual credit limits, but will instead.
The highest balance owed as the credit limit.
So a ten thousand dollar card, that only has a 300 dollar charge on.
It will show a 300 dollar limit in Capital One and Barclays are notorious for this High utilization.
This can make it look like a consumers using a lot more of their available credit than they actually are and mail the statements try and mailing a copy of the statement to the bureau’s and ask for them to rescue me complete reporting of the limit.
Now, here’s the reason, it is to prevent consumers from building up their credit scores and getting additional credit alone.
Lower interest rates you may not believe me.

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